Thursday, May 10, 2018


Ex-Speaker oft he Seychelles, Patrick Pillay said in an interview with the Today Newspaper on 28th April 2018, that during his term as Speaker he elevated the standard in the National Assembly.
Is that how he did it ?????

1.       At the first SADC PF meeting in Zimbabwe, he assisted on only 2 days. Even before the meeting was over he left to go to Lesotho

2.       In his role as the Speaker, he invited SADC PF for a plenary in Seychelles. He attended only a couple of meetings and was absent most of the time.

3.       He pronounced an invitation to Seychelles for a Commonwealth Speakers’Conference. He opened the conference but was absent for all other events. He didn’t attend the banquette offered by the President nor by the High Commissioner of GB. In all circumstances it was the Deputy Speaker Hon. Prea who had to step in.

4.       At the many Assembly Business Committee (ABC) meetings, he generally refused to attend. The Deputy took over.

5.       In the first year of the NA when the Budget was being debated and members worked long hours till into the night, he left the country to go on a holiday to China.

6.       He often failed to appear at NA sittings without notification. Sometimes he called the Deputy short before and asked to chair on his behalf. At the same time he was seen doing leisure shopping at STC, amongst others.

7.       His legal adviser was paid SRC 50,000 monthly for advice the LDS NA never received.

8.       He applied for 2 bodyguards who were often seen doing works on his farm.

If by an unfortunate miracle he is elected as President; will the country come to a standstill and suffer a massive a economic collapse?

Source:Seychelles Citizen Watch