Saturday, August 30, 2014

Corruption in Seychelles Unmasked

By Clifford Andre

A very good evening to all law abiding citizens of this country. I would like to take this opportunity to exercise my constitutional right of reply using the Seychelles daily because I think that it is the only place where real information can be placed for the consumption of those who wants to know the truth. Mr. Gervais Henry, editor of Hebdo, I will post this on here as I know if I write to your paper, which to me is a real paper, but not a news paper, you will chose not to publish it as it is your right to do so and since you are protecting your boss Mr. Francis.

The article in your paper with reference to my ICSP license is very good. I would like to thank you for also putting along side a photo of me, where I am smiling. The smile you have chosen to publish is a true smile coming from a real man, a real citizen of this country and a person who has behind that smile real qualifications. I have not once faked or forged any certificate, misrepresented any authority with forged certificates. It looks like your job now has been to protect non law abiding citizens at all COSTS and hitting at law abiding citizens like me. Mr. Henry you don't scare me one bit. I am real and not a forgery lawyer.
According to revelation that a named Mr. Marco Francis which you claimed in your article of last week and named him in your article again this week, tendered forged law degree certificates to SIBA in 2008 is or should be of no concern to Seychelles. This shows me your true values. One where you want to have lawlessness, yet you advocate that we need to put some law and order in our country. Get your priorities right.

I Mr. Clifford Andre former Captain in the SPDF (retired) for your information started studying law in 1994, well before even you or your friend Marco Francis decided to attend university of Durham to obtain an LL.B Houours, which according to record was awarded to your boss should I say Mr. Marco Francis.
For your information Mr Henry and Mr. Francis, I have all authentic, genuine certificates from the following institution, that can be viewed, inspected and verified by you and your boss Mr. Francis.

1. Institute of Military Law, Kamptee, India, Qualification - Judge Advocate General
2. University of East London, Barking Canpus (U.K) Qualification - LL.B (Hon)
3. IMO - International Maritime Law Institute - Malta, Qualification - LL.M in international Maritime Law -dissertation -Delimitation of Maritime Boundary
4. University of Witzwatersrand South Africa - certificate in Defence and security Management
5. University of Durham (UK)- certificate in delimitation of boundaries ( this is where allegedly your boss Mr. Francis fabricated his LL.B Houours.... from and now with your assistance he is trying to justify it. Mr Henry, this is like laundering money because you are trying to justify a wrong doing instead of admitting that what has been done is wrong and should not be condoned.
6. Northumbria University (UK) - Bar Vocational Course. Barrister -at - Law
I am proud to be a Seychellois who holds qualification that only 2 others have in Seychelles. I am not at all like Mr. Marco Francis who has submitted to SIBA then a fake, forged certificate with so many errors as pointed out by the University itself. I will always walk with my head up high and above all I would like to thank the Seychellois people for having given me the opportunity to be a real lawyer today. I will work for Seychelles as I am a real Seychellois.

Mr. Henry, you have attempted with complicity to try to divert the attention of the submission of forged documents by Mr. Francis, by focussing on my CSP license. I will explain to you the real story as I have nothing to hide and I would like the people of Seychelles to know the real truth about the operation at SIBA/FSA. This will be in part 2 of this very lengthy and details reply to you Mr, Henry.

For your information, Mr. Clifford, Marcellino, Jason Andre has done no harm to his country, but the contrary applies to you. I see that you are using the opposition paper to justify fraudulent actions of Mr. Francus and attacking me personally as a law abiding citizen. What I see you are trying to say and do is to encourage our youths to do the same as Mr. Francis has done as it can be excused or rolled under the carpet. What Mr. Marco Lorenzo Francis did is an offence by law, specifically the penal code of Seychelles. I did not draft it for your kind information.

In your other article about SCCI you mentioned that there are issues between Mr. Francis and his treasure Mr. Clifford Andre. Mr. Henry I would like to inform you and the whole of Seychelles that I am not and will never work for a person who has dared forged a law degree. I am the treasurer of the SCCI, not the treasure of Mr. Francis. If he has employed you to work for him, he will never get such chance to do the same with me. I am a proud black man, who has been taught by my dear parents, Mr. Miguel Andre and Mrs Edwige Andre how to be honest, independent and for your information, my grand parents the Colas was co- founders of this very society that you and Mr. Francis is trying to make believe I don't like. You are mistaken, no matter how you will call me or collude with others to call me or write about me, I will remain proud of what I have done for this country and for what my grandparents and parents have done. They have always reminded me of such. You are just assisting wrong doers and if you get support good for you, but don't think that you will get my morals low. I will die one day, but my children and grandchildren will keep on my legacy and it will live on. Trust me Mr. Henry since I have done no wrong to this county and it's people.
I have committed no offence and in case you are wondering, please compare, which one warrants a revocation of license. The fraud committed by Mr. Francis or a few papers missing from a file which they say is compliance. Answer this if you have the scruple that is.

I have never been involved in fake USD and many more are to come. Watch this space guys.

Friday, August 29, 2014


James Michel owns land on La Digue bought from Mr Gregoire Payet in 2000. Parcel LD 1242 exchanged hands for the modest sum of sixty thousand rupees; nothing odd in that but where did Mr Payet get the land? 

In 1985, Mr Payet exchanged three parcels of land at Bel Ombre, Mahe for one parcel at Anse Severe, La Digue. The exchange was undertaken between Mr Payet and the government of Seychelles represented by President Rene. Parcels J6, J7 and J8 were exchanged for parcel LD 293. Parcels J6, J7 and J8 amounting to less than 5800 square meters in total were exchanged for parcel LD 293 totaling more than 42,500 square meters. LD 293 is situated at Anse Severe La Digue overlooking the jetty, prime land. This was an atrocious exchange of state land to benefit one individual at the expense of the people of Seychelles but that is not the end of the story.

 Mr Payet went on to subdivide parcel LD 923 into Parcels LD 944 and LD 945. Parcel LD 944 has further been subdivided into several smaller plots. President Michel bought parcel LD 1242 as a sub division of Parcel LD 944. Parcel LD 1242 was further sub divided into Parcels LD 1065 and LD 1349 and registered into Michel’s name in 2003. A house presently stands on Parcel LD 1349. Parcel LD 1351 adjacent to LD 1349 has been sold to one Mrs Chang Leng; a very familiar name indeed.

From the transactions, it is obvious that Mr Gregoire Payet intends to keep half of the original land exchanged for himself as Parcel LD 945 but what about the other half that has been subdivided? Will the parcels be ‘sold’ to a few selected individuals only?

The issue of state land being acquired by a select few individuals through unethical means has been the subject of national debate for many years but no one has ever been taken to task for these acquisitions. Neither has any explanations been given to justify these absurd transfers of state land. The reason is now becoming evident; even the top brass is involved in the transactions. Mr Gregoire Payet was once the kingpin of all government land on La Digue as the Managing Director of L’Union Estate. Since financial irregularities of L’Union Estate were made public, Gregoire has vanished from the limelight and nothing has been heard since.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MURDER IN THE SEYCHELLES?: Everything is suspect in the death of Harmon Chellen

The article in Le Mauricien(Google Translated) | August 25, 2014 - 3:05 p.m. | By LINDLEY COURONNE

"In the hands of the individual, the force is called crime.  In the hands of the state, the force is called right ... "- Stirner

I do not know Harmon Chellen. But, following his highly suspicious death in the Seychelles I conducted a week-long intensive investigation for the students, employees and acquaintances. Indeed I was deeply shocked by the death as brutal and unexpected. Because everything is suspect in what may now be called the Case Chellen.

We first note the haste with which the Minister of Tourism, St. Ange, explicitly refers to "asphyxia" and implicitly drowning and even the "suicide". But St Ange is not a forensic pathologist, or even chief of police. However, in a rule of law that respects itself, a minister leaves the investigation be conducted impartially before deciding, especially so categorically. So why does it take place with such eagerness? The tourist reputation of his country does more valuable than the life of a man, even when he is a guest of honor of his country? Lindley Couronne The director of Human Rights Indian Ocean (DISMOI) "In Chellen case, it is essential to hold to account the Seychelles government, because it is in the safety of citizens in the Indian Ocean"

A second autopsy in Mauritius revealed that Harmon Chellen had sustained injuries to his left temple, which it says confirms the theory of "suspected foul play.” Post mortem results released by the Seychelles police had not revealed these injuries.

Then notice how very singular of the investigation Seychelles Police that deserves some attention for a while. For we shall see a disconcerting amateurism or cynicism that is bloodcurdling ... Let’s look at the facts: Police arrested at 9:40 am Harmon Chellen following the allegations of a woman working his hotel. These officers say Mr. Chellen shows "uncooperative," which in the jargon of all the world's police to say he does not want to sing the same song as the investigators.

At 2:28 p.m., lo and behold, Chellen is "reported" missing "in the precincts of the police station! At 2:29 p.m., according to the book of the police, the police left the post to go in search of the person they had arrested! Finally, at 14:50 a citizen of Seychelles found his body 500 meters from the police station where he had "escaped" ... in a place where even the unconscious suicidal would struggle to drown ...

Except to be amateur sleuths, hard not to ask many questions: who saw Harmon Chellen living between his "escape" and the discovery of her body (If possible someone reliable and who is not a witness the police). Can and should we believe the police version? Mr. Chellen who was a morally strong man it have been seized with a sudden urge to suicide between the police station and the hotel where he was about to return before flying to join a united and loving family? Last but Harmon Chellen has he really left the station alive Police - questions that will inevitably arise all those familiar with police methods in Africa and the southwest Indian Ocean?

Anyone who does not ask these questions still lives in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Especially if the Seychelles Police is known. As for the citizens of the world would know that the image of Seychelles postcard-cocofesse, police in this country can, if they want (or when they are ordered) behave like real Tonton Macoute. Manipulated by the party in power for nearly 40 years they have been known to, for example, the bloody beating up in broad daylight of Wavel Ramkalawan, the leader of the opposition, for beatings and torture of prisoners in order to confess, or to have removed any person likely to endanger the political oligarchy in place. Some would say that the Seychelles have changed and that the police state is gone. But there was barely a year I have personally investigated the Seychelles during which I interviewed opponents, journalists, ordinary citizens, and I know enough about the political situation in order to say that "nothing is same, but everything is like before.”

In the Case Chellen it is essential to hold to account the state of the Seychelles as it is in the safety of citizens in the Indian Ocean and thus the world. Arvin Boolell, our Foreign Minister, promised to discuss the case with his counterpart in Seychelles, Boolell but is not one to make waves, "realpolitik" of the Mauritian State may raise concerns that the decision is to "sacrifice" Chellen. That's why our Organisation will not hesitate to alert international public opinion if all the light was not made on this case and justice served. It is for the Mauritian media (and all media in the Indian Ocean) to conduct their own investigation into the case Chellen not be "embedded" in the middle of childish and unnecessary political palaver.

Source: Le Mauricien(Google Translated)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Seychelles Chief Justice departs

Frederick Egonda-Ntende has left the office of Chief Justice after his contract was not renewed. Who will succeed him?

Chief Justice (CJ) Frederick Egonda-Ntende has vacated his office. He departed on Wednesday, when the Ugandan judge’s contract ran out. This was announced in a brief email circulated by the judiciary on Thursday. His chair has been filled by Acting Chief Justice (ACJ) Durai Karunakaran, who has backed him up in this capacity over the last five years, but whether this is a permanent fixture remains to be seen.

As the end of Mr Egonda-Ntende’s contract loomed closer over the last few weeks, there has been much speculation about whether it would be extended for another two years or if the Constitutional Appointments Authority would appoint another Chief Justice. According to sources in the legal profession, when neither happened, Mr Egonda-Ntende ended up feeling like was being strung-along, packed his bags, and left.

Attorneys that TODAY spoke to seemed surprised by the swiftness of the former Chief Justice’s departure, and wondered if he would return in some other capacity to preside over outstanding cases. ACJ Karunakaran stated this is not the case. “He won’t come back to office,” he confirmed to this newspaper, adding that “he does not have any cases that cannot be transferred to other judges.”

ACJ Karunakaran said that CJ Egonda-Ntende’s contract expired on 20 August, and he received a call one day later informing him that he will assume acting duty two days later. This seems to have happened haphazardly as Mr Karunakaran confirms that he has not received any official documents confirming this yet. When asked if the position could become permanent, he said it is “possible.” “It would be good, I’ve lived and practiced in Seychelles for the past 32 years and have a lot of experience in this court,” he said. ACJ Karunakaran is an Indian national.

Former CJ Egonda-Ntende was sworn to office on 21 August 2009, and presided over its translocation to Ile du Port, as well as several other notable developments in the judiciary. Sources expect that his permanent replacement will be announced over the next few days, and at least one local attorney has confirmed that they have submitted an application for the vacant post.

Source: Today

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Marco Francis and Steve Fanny must resign; Seychelles in disarray

It has come to light that in 2008 Marco Francis, the current Chairman of the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), had deceitfully submitted a forged document in the form of a degree certificate to the Seychelles Financial Authority (FSA) which was formerly the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) in an attempt to trick the authority. The suspicious degree certificate from Durham University was investigated at that time by Dr Steve Fanny himself as the Managing director of SIBA, with the findings from the University confirming the forged document. The fake degree certificate was presumably a required document in setting up an offshore company for the SCCI chairman. Dr Fanny, now the Principal Secretary for Economic Policy, Trade and Investment, for reasons only known to him decided to hide and suppress the findings by taking no appropriate action at this attempt to defraud and deceive the authority he was entrusted as Managing Director.

On 16th October 2008 Dr Fanny wrote a letter to Mr Paul Brierley, the Examinations and Assessment Manager at Durham University at that time, to verify the authenticity of the submitted degree certificate.  In the letter he specifically queries the spelling error with “Honours” spelt “Houours”; a clear giveaway.

In the response of Mr Brierley he confirmed that it was indeed not an authentic Durham University certificate, citing numerous reasons including the fact that the signatures of the Vice Chancellor and Registrar are not correct. He further indicated that they had no record of any student named Marco Lorenzo Francis having attended Durham University. The primary objective of the SCCI is to promote and protect all types of business and investment in Seychelles and this will come as a most staggering embarrassment for the association. And it will also be an embarrassment for President James Michel, as the SCCI chairman is part of the 14 distinguished member of the National Forum. Marco Francis is now all but distinguished; a distinguished fraudster and deceiver perhaps.

Upon investigating the matter at hand, Durham University was contacted to confirm the enquiry by Dr Fanny. In an email received from the Student Registry, Durham University confirmed  that “this letter is authentic, all of the information given in the letter is correct, and it was sent from Durham University by Mr Paul Brierley.”

With the confirmation of the forgery and in the capacity to discharge his functions as Managing Director, Dr Fanny should have used his best endeavour to ensure that the Authority operates in accordance with the principles of good governance and to fulfil its statutory obligations and properly discharges its functions.  No action whatsoever was taken; a gross and shameful neglect of Dr Fanny’s duties.  How many other cases has Dr Fanny swept under the carpet, was there collusion between the two parties in the form of bribery , what else as a Principal Secretary in the Finance Ministry could Dr Fanny be hiding  and now questions have to be raised regarding the recent fire at the FSA.

The Penal code states that forgery is the making of a false document with intent to defraud or to deceive and “who makes a document purporting to be what in fact it is not”. Furthermore “any person who forges any judicial or official document is liable to imprisonment for ten years”. Recently it was brought to the attention that a criminal investigation by the police on this matter has been ongoing for the past three months. The police have all the necessary documents but have been painfully slow in acting; they seem petrified to investigate the case.

The case of Marco Francis is clear cut; a felony was committed. It was investigated by the Managing director of SIBA and no action was taken as required by law and the truth kept away from the public; a clear violation of ethics and the duties of Dr Fanny. They can never be trusted again. The people of Seychelles deserve better and because of this most shameful and deceitful law breaking act, both Marco Francis and Steve Fanny must resign immediately to restore any confidence left in the SCCI and Ministry of Finance.

By A.Pierre

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Waste of public money by Seychelles Legislature

Pricey mobiles for National Assembly

The National Assembly is going to spend SCR358 212 (roughly USD28 880) on procuring forty smartphones. This was revealed by the National Tender Board yesterday, when it released a lis...t of recently-awarded contracts. In this case, the lucrative deal was landed by a company called Satellite Electronics. It means that government will be paying just over SCR8 955, or USD722, per handset, pricing them in the high-end range of the market. While the advert does not reveal what kind of maintenance deal, if any, is included in the contract, the price per handset is substantially higher than what the current flagship mobiles from Samsung (the S5) or the Blackberry (the Q10) retail for.

Source: Today

Director of Mauritius’ tourism academy found dead in Seychelles

The lifeless body of guest of honour of the STA’s graduation ceremony discovered yesterday afternoon off Anse Lislet near Port Glaud church.

 The director of Mauritius’ tourism academy, Harmon Chellen died in mysterious circumstances yesterday afternoon. His body was discovered after he had walked out of a police interview. The 52 year-old Mauritian national was residing at the Constance Ephelia hotel and was supposed to leave Seychelles yesterday. The police did not wish to divulge the identity of the man before his family had been notified of the tragedy, but Constance Ephelia confirmed in a press release last night that the body found was indeed Mr Chellen’s.

According to a press release from the hotel, Mr Chellen left the establishment at 9.30 am in the company of the police. Police spokesperson Jean Toussaint told TODAY that a female worker at his hotel had accused Mr. Chellen of having sexually assaulted her on Sunday night. The matter was reported to the police yesterday morning. The police say that when they interrogated him, his attitude was «uncooperative” and that he “walked out” on them, some time between 1.30pm and 2pm. Then, at around 2.50pm, the police received the report that a lifeless body had been found in the sea near Port Glaud church. The police say they are treating the case as a possible suicide but are waiting the postmortem for confirmation.

 Mr Chellen arrived in Seychelles last Wednesday to attend the graduation ceremony of the Seychelles Tourism Academy (STA) as its guest of honour. Poignantly, Minister Alain St Ange who was very well acquainted with the late Mr Chellen, sent out a press release yesterday before Mr Chellen’s body had been found to inform the press of the warm words Harmon Chellen had had for him. “Mr Harmon Chellen showed that the ties of friendship between Mauritius and Seychelles were solid and based on nothing less than mutual respect. Mr Chellen, the Training Centre Manager at the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development and the Ecole Hotelière Sir Gaetan Duval, praised the accomplishments of the Seychelles and congratulated the work undertaken by Minister Alain St.Ange, the island's Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture”, the press release from the ministry of Tourism read.

 Mr Chellen unwittingly made the last speech of his life at the Seychelles Tourism Academy last Thursday during its graduation ceremony. Addressing the graduates, he quoted Mark Twain and said: "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."

 In a press release sent last night, Constance Ephelia said that the “wellbeing and privacy of its guests and team members is at the heart of the resort’s concerns. The resort would like to express their sincere condolences to the bereaved family. The resort will offer counselling and support to all team members who are aggrieved by this situation. An enquiry is under way and the resort cannot comment further at this stage”.

Harmon Chellen leaves behind him a wife and two children.

Source: Today

Alleged Police Brutality in Seychelles

The police stopped him, slapped him, detained him and kicked him, a man from Port Launay alleges. He adds that the Commissioner of police has given him the assurance that his allegations will be looked into but that he decided to speak out “so that people know it could happen to them”.

“I am speaking out because the public must know that some police officers still beat people up”. Douglas Marie, a resident of Port Launay claims he was beaten up by the police late on Saturday night. He alleges that he was detained overnight at the central police station and was later released without being charged with any offence.

 The twist in Mr Marie’s story is the fact that he met with the Commissioner of Police, Ernest Quatre, yesterday morning to complain about the treatment he claims he received from some members of the force. “I was very glad that the Commissioner of police saw me, listened to my story, and invited me to go and give a statement to the police. He also asked me to have my glasses repaired and to bring the receipt so I could be reimbursed since the police officers broke my glasses when they slapped me”, he recounts.

 But Douglas Marie insists that the fact that the response of the police was overly positive on Monday will not stop him from speaking out. “People need to know what is happening”, he says, adding that he also went to the State House to complain of his alleged ill-treatment.

 Mr Marie says he was initially stopped while he was driving in the Belvedere area. “There were about 20 police officers on the road and they stopped me. One of them used a torch to blind me and I said he should not do that. He asked me to get out of the car and I did and then I volunteered the information that I had had a beer but insisted that I was driving responsibly. He then slapped me twice and broke my glasses in the process”, Douglas Marie told this newspaper.

 The man who is a cook by trade avers that he was then taken to the police station in Mont Fleuri where he gave a statement admitting to the fact that he had consumed alcohol. “I then asked for permission to call someone to come and drive me home or alternatively to get me a taxi to get home”, Mr Marie continues. But according to him, the police then took him to the central police station where he was put in a cell with seven other people.

“When I asked to call my lawyer, they came in and started kicking me to the extent that the other detainees had to tell the officers to stop”. Mr Marie further claims that he was transferred to another cell – and, he continues, “there’s a camera there to prove what I say” - where he was beaten further.

 Douglas Marie affirms that he was only allowed to leave the next morning. “I was in pain and asked a police officer to help me up and he said it wasn’t his job. A Nepalese police officer then decided to help me up and he put me in a jeep and dropped me home”, Douglas Marie further says.

 The Port Launay inhabitant says he met up with Police Commissioner yesterday morning and was pleasantly surprised by the courtesy that was extended to him and the reassurance that they will look into the matter.

 Police spokesperson Marie-Neige Philoe confirmed to this newspaper that the Police Commissioner did indeed receive Douglas Marie yesterday morning pertaining to his complaints but adds that she could not confirm the Port Launay resident’s version of events as the police enquiry has only just been opened.
“Next time the police stop me on the road, I will be scared to stop”, Douglas Marie concluded.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Charitha case makes legal history in Seychelles

Appeal court upholds right to bail and says it will make sure this right was not taken away by recent amendments to the law.

Two of the five men facing trial in the now famous Charitha drugs case were released on bail by the Court of Appeal on Thursday morning after Justice of Appeal Satyabhooshun Domah read out the majority judgment of the five-member panel.

Bitter-sweet emotions hung thick in the air as the men walked out of the court room into the arms of their families, all deeply conscious of the fact that not only had they just witnessed legal history, but also that the solidarity of the five co-accused after over 19 months of pre-trial detention could be put to its toughest test.

One of the two who were released was the owner of the fishing boat who has been charged with counts of aiding and abetting as well as conspiracy. He has been released on bail against a sum of SCR100,000 subject to several conditions. The second man, charged only with illegal possession of firearms, was released on a SCR 50,000 bail, also with conditions. The Court of Appeal regretted that he had already spent longer in detention than he would have had he been convicted of the offence and sentenced to the maximum sentence of 12 month’s imprisonment for the charge.
The other three men, all part of the fishing crew, face more serious charges of drugs smuggling. However, noting the long period of detention since their arrest on 7 December 2012, the Court of Appeal said they would be detained until the trial date which is set for the third week of September.

Justice Domah said nonetheless that they would be released if “the September trial fails to take off through no fault of their own”.
In its majority judgment, the Court of Appeal upheld the constitutional right to bail and said it would make sure this right was not taken away by recent amendments to the law. He noted that the application for bail made in the trial court and denied by the trial judge was “not an incident of a criminal trial” but “an independent action grounded in the Constitution” and therefore was open to appeal in the higher court.

Appeal Court Justice Anthony Fernando had written a long dissenting judgment in which he argued the appellate court could not hear this appeal because the appellants had not been “convicted” in the court below.

The Charitha case has been making jurisprudence since the vessel was seized and its crew arrested in what was hailed as one of the National Drugs Enforcement Agency’s (NDEA) biggest hauls in early December 2012. The vessel at the time was travelling just off Providence Island on its way back to Mahé from neighbouring Madagascar.

The NDEA described the bust then as “a step in its strategy of targeting the major players in the drug business known locally as ‘Gro Pwason’ (Big Fish).”

The seven-man crew, including the skipper, was taken into custody upon arrival in Port Victoria and first appeared in court on 11 December 2012. Charged with illegal fishing, possession of firearms and drugs smuggling and several other charges, the seven men have been detained since. They were subsequently joined by the owner of the fishing vessel who was not in the country at the time. Charges have since been dropped against the skipper.

Source: Today

Friday, August 15, 2014

Seychelles Government abandons family

What is wrong with our society? What are we coming to? This poor three year old boy is sleeping on the beach at Anse Aux Pins every night together with his 15 year old brother and parents. Their house burnt to the ground last month and they have nowhere to live – they have lost everything in the house fire. Our government is doing nothing to help this family. How heart breaking it is to think that this three year boy is sleeping out there, in the cold and windy nights on a beach. Don’t we have a heart or compassion for our fellow citizens anymore? I accompanied his mother at the DA’s office in Anse Aux Pins today to plead for help, but without success. The DA claims that she has already spoken to the PS at MLUH and she has to wait for an available place to house this suffering family. This is totally unacceptable and this family must be given a place to live immediately. Does our president who claims that he has a heart for every Seychellois knows that a three year old (en pti trezor) accompanied by his family are living in such conditions in this very country? Does Mr. Meggy Sodie Marie knows that this is happening in his constituency? If yes what they they doing to help this family? I am looking forward to see this situation resolved As Soon As Possible… I have concrete information that there are houses available at Perseverance ready to be allocated. They are in need and they should be looked after. If they are not, I will (as Usual) give this heart-breaking story wider publicity to show everybody how our government treat children in Seychelles. I would be very grateful if everybody reading this could like this post to support my plea for the government to help this family in need.

Bel Ombre hotel Seychelles project; owned by son of Sheikh Khalifa

The project may well be bringing USD 40 million as FDI in the country but residents of Bel Ombre did not hide their misgivings about the construction of a 100 plus bedroom hotel during a public meeting held on Saturday. The promoter is the son of the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Bin Khalifa and it is believed that the management contract will go to either hotelier Fairmont or Swiss Hotels. But residents say they fear the public consultation was just a front and that regardless of their feelings, the project will go ahead.

 Those residents of Bel Ombre district, who took the time to participate in a public consultation about a proposed hotel project in their community, were mostly of the opinion that such a project is not the best for the area. Turnkey Solutions –a local consultancy firm is representing the promoters of the project- the SBK Group. The SBK Group is the holding company of HH Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nayan, son of the ruler of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Bin Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nayan.

 Turnkey Solutions Director Wilson Nancy and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Seychelles Investment Bureau (SIB) Rupert Simeon presented the project proposal to the residents.
• A sizeable foreign investment project

 The proposed project constitutes a foreign direct investment of around 40 million US Dollars and although the presenters did not divulge this information to the meeting, Mr Nancy did volunteer the information to this newspaper. He also said that should everything work out, the hotel should be completed by late 2015/early 2016. This gives a time frame of around 18 months for all consultations, submissions to local authorities and construction. As the project is proposing the construction of a hotel of between 90 to 120 rooms, the tight time frame led the members of the public present at the meeting to opine that no matter what they do say, this project has already been given the go ahead. A comment which both Mr Nancy and Mr Simeon hastened to reassure the meeting, was not true.

 The proposed project is to be constructed in the area near the La Briz Silhouette office and jetty and although the area does not appear to be big enough for construction of this magnitude, the plan incorporates land reclamation. The concern which repeatedly came up was that should the proposed hotel fail to attract enough clients to maintain a high occupancy rate, this will bring the managers to bring down their prices and thus become competitors to the small guest houses and small hotel operators in the area.

“What guarantee do we have that this will not lead to a situation to Port Glaud where supposedly five star establishments are offering rooms for as low as 200 euros a night, which is what we small establishments charge and will therefore compete directly with us?” one guest house operator asked.

 Mr Nancy said that the hotel will be run by one of two well-known international hotel groups either- Fairmont or Swiss Hotels Group - and they represent two established brands. He said that this branding in itself would ensure that the hotel will not be competing with the small establishments. SIB’s Rupert Simeon concurred with Mr Nancy and pointed out that groups like Fairmont and Swiss Hotels are run by a head office which regulates their pricing across the board and it is unlikely that it will bring down its price for one branch only. Mr Nancy also stated that the promoters have guaranteed that they will not be competing with the small establishments.

“They will not need to do so, because they are funding this project through equity financing and not via a loan, therefore there is less pressure on them. Even if their occupancy rates drops at times they will be able to manage, so they won’t need to bring down their prices.”

The Member of the National Assembly (MNA) for Bel Ombre, Gaelen Bresson was also present at the meeting and he raised numerous points. The MNA pointed out that the current practice as far as foreign investment in tourism is concerned is that promoters promise much to the communities at the beginning, but later do not honour their pledges. He said this is especially true with regards to the employment of locals in the hotels.
“What we see is that when they start, they stick with the 40% expatriate workforce, then they go on to ask for 50% which later becomes 60% and even 70%. What guarantee do we have that this new establishment will employ Seychellois?” he asked.

 In reply, Mr Nancy again claimed that SBK Group has given him the assurance that the managing firm will be employing youths from the tourism academy and other Seychellois, except in very senior management positions where there is no local expertise. In his presentation, Mr Nancy had announced what he termed certain benefits which the district would derive from the project, but the MNA said these were not clear and elaborated that the big establishments in the area were not currently even putting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tax money into Bel-Ombre projects.

 Well-known local tourism operator Mr Stravens questioned the practicability of giving the go-ahead to such a big project for the district and said that instead these rooms capacity could have been spread out among smaller establishments, which would have involved local investment and direct benefit to the Seychellois.
“Today we have about 5000 room capacity in the country and the occupancy rate is slightly under 50%. The question here is do we need more hotels or do we need to find ways to fill up those which we already have? » he asked.

 Mr Stravens also pointed out that somewhat lax follow up on the hotels honouring their commitments was allowing them to adopt practices which put them in direct competition with the small guesthouses.
“When they submit their project and it is agreed this is done on the basis of a project memorandum, which states how much they will be charging and it is on this amount which they are taxed. Therefore if they say they will be charging 800 euros per night, the Revenue Commission should charge them 15% of that and not enter into fluctuating prices when they say they are not doing so well etcetera. This will compel them to keep their prices and not implement drastic cuts which make them compete unfairly with the smaller establishments.”

• Development of available utilities

 Other concerns regarded the impact of yet another big hotel on the district’s fragile ecosystem and on the public utilities available in Bel Ombre.

“We already have problems with water supply. This will bring additional pressure to bear on water supply, because if it is a four star hotel, they will not be giving their clients desalinated water to drink. What guarantee do we have that they will be capturing other water sources in Bel Ombre and not taking even more from the community is getting through the national system?” one lady asked.
 Mr Nancy explained that part of the project is to look at the costs involved in finding alternatives to improve the availability of water supply in the district for the good of both the hotel and the community as a whole.
“We do not want to become an additional burden on the PUC supply. Together with PUC and following their guidance we are looking at other water sources available in Bel Ombre, for example the one at Mare-Aux Cochons and see how we can capture that for our use and for the community.”
Mr Nancy also addressed concerns about electricity provision as the district is already experiencing fluctuations in power supply and said that the promoters are engaging PUC to see how to resolve this.
“PUC has told us that there is a need to bring the Beau Vallon station up to 33000 volts so that it can supply both Beau Vallon and Bel-Ombre fulltime without interruptions and we are working with them to see how we can do this.”

He equally told the meeting that the promoters will invest in extending the reach of the north Mahé sewerage system up to La Scala hotel and when asked by the meeting, he agreed to put before them the possibility of taking it even further up to Danzilles.

 With regards to the aesthetics of the project, the meeting was of the opinion that the design is ungainly and does not blend well with the environment. They also commented that four-star clientele goes in more for chalets and bungalow type resorts instead of the big blocks building being proposed. Mr Nancy said that nothing has been finalized as yet and that all these aspects will be taken into consideration.

“Local knowhow and expertise will be consulted all the way, especially when we go about the reclamation as the fishers here know the water best. Nothing is a fait accompli as yet and we will definitely incorporate your concerns before we present our final submission to government”, he said.

• Look at the bigger picture, says SIB CEO
 The head of Seychelles Investment Bureau told the meeting that with such foreign direct investment projects the government is looking beyond the immediate future to 15 to 20 years on.
“We have to look at the bigger picture here. We aim to eventually bring about 500,000 visitors here each year and we need the capacity for this to fill up the planes. We rely a lot upon taxes to develop our infrastructure and we need these projects which bring such developments. If we don’t increase tax avenues, we will regress!” he stressed.

 Mr Simeon added that Seychelles is also looking beyond sun, sea and sand tourism and as the country is aiming to become a business platform for Africa, it is aiming to attract commercial tourism to increase the volume of visitor arrivals and make it viable for airlines to fly here.

 The meeting was also given the assurance that in the first lieu the hotel would buy fish and vegetables form the district, thus providing an important market outlet for the local produce. Mr Nancy replied to a concern put forward by Planning Authority CEO Gerard Hoareau that the construction phase will also not impact on local housing situations. A local contractor who wins the tender will implement the project and as the hotel will also be employing Seychellois there will not be a staff housing issue, he said.

 Asked if all these guarantees have been formalized, Mr Nancy assured TODAY that while this is not yet the case, the promoters are not against giving written guarantees. He also promised that after the project has been approved the promoters will meet with Bel Ombre residents in another meeting.

“They are very familiar with the district. They already interact with the community here whenever they come on holiday, so they have no problem with meeting the residents. Also to include those people who have not attended today’s meeting, we will carry out a door to door exercise to get their opinion as well. We will work with NGOs present in Bel-Ombre to do this,”Mr Nancy concluded.

 The participants at the meeting included mostly residents involved in tourism activities but there were also representatives of the ministry of Land Use and Habitat.

Source: Today

Friday, August 8, 2014

Viral Dhanjee files case against Seychelles before United Nations

The first ever case against Seychelles before the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations(UNHRC) was officially registered on May 28th 2014.

Viral Dhanjee, a militant citizen who was refused the right to take part in the 2011 Presidential elections, has taken the matter before the UNHRC under the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of which Seychelles is a party. Mr Dhanjee has argued that the fact that he was prevented from taking part in the 2011 Presidential elections was a violation of his civil and political rights as affirmed by the covenant.

April 27th 2011 was declared Nomination Day for the last Presidential elections and Viral Dhanjee registered as an independent Presidential candidate. To do so, he needed to submit various documents including his nomination form with an attached list of supporters. The law requires that a prospective candidate submits a list of 500 supporters. When he registered at 12.55 pm on April 27, he was given a receipt by the Chief Electoral Officer that stated the following:” I acknowledge receipt of the following documents in respect of your nomination as a candidate for the May 2011 Presidential elections.

Source: Today

Who are the real owners of Bel Ombre hotel?

The secrecy behind the new hotel currently being built between Fisherman`s Cove and Berjaya Beau Vallon bay is exceptional. Site workers have confirmed the name of the hotel to be that of Belombre Hotel although the company that is leasing plots V576, V577 and V10115 is a company called Belombre Hotels Development Limited. The 3 plots total up to approximately 72,000 square meters of prime land in the country. The company signed a 99 year lease with the government on the 8th of April 2004 and was represented by Noelin Didon. As well as the upfront fee, the annual rent to be paid is just a solitary 1 rupee per year; very good business for the company and extremely generous by the government. Public records show that Belombre Hotel Devopment Limited is owned by a company in the British Virgin Island (BVI) named Hotel Properties Ltd. BVI registers companies which do not have to disclose, on public record, their beneficial owners.

It is also evident that Fisherman`s Cove Hotels Limited is owned by a Seychelles company to the name of Hotel Properties Limited; who in turn are owned by same Hotel Properties Limited in the BVI. In its published account dated 31st December 2004, Meridien (Seychelles) Limited  a Seychelles registered company owned by the international hotel management company disclosed that it was renting the Fisherman's Cove from Fisherman's Cove Hotel Limited for the annual sum of US$ 2,262,000, under a 20 year non-cancellable lease; which means that the lucky owners of Hotel Properties Limited in the BVI that also owns Belombre Hotel Development Limited will earn a total of US$ 60,210,000 over twenty years. Not at all a laughable sum. On top of that and according to the accounts of Fisherman’s Cove Hotel Limited it has been granted exemption from payment of Business Tax by the Ministry of Finance for a period of 20 years under the Investment Promotion Act. The Minister of Finance at the time was the current President James Michel.

The lucky and well hidden owners of Hotel Properties Limited in the BVI are getting extremely rich at the expense of the Seychellois people. The people of Seychelles must demand accountability from its Government on such atrocious deals. It must be recalled that former President Albert Rene published a document called “SPPF Policy Statement Onward to Socialism”. In it he claimed that “In accordance with the overriding aims of Seychelles People's Progressive Front, the tourist industry must result in economic benefits to all and not simply to those who have sought to capitalise on the natural beauty of the country”.

By A.Pierre

The embarrassment that is James Michel; a hypocrite of the highest order

 In his speech at the unveiling of the new liberty monument which is suppose to forcefully unite all of us, James Michel stated that “Seychelles is a land of freedom! “; is the President taking all of us for fools or has he conveniently  forgotten about the freedom suppressing Public Order Act which he last year signed into law. As well as many other things the law provides that it is now an offence for one person to show his objection publicly to anything, meaning any demonstration, march or procession by one or more persons is illegal; that is not the land of the freedom Mr President. Ignoring and hiding the electoral reform proposals away in the clear view of everyone including international observers therefore putting a permanent halt to any chance of a free and fair elections in the near future; is not the land of freedom Mr President. Giving new powers  to a police officer, NDEA officer, custom officer or immigration officer to enter private premises without a warrant to arrest, search and confiscate materials which is not in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights; is not the land of Freedom Mr President!

He then went on to state that “"It represents those who dedicated their lives to freedom, those who fell for freedom" This clearly does not include the James Michel as he was part of that small armed gang that destroyed freedom  and disunited this nation on the darkest day in the nation’s history.  Seychelles had gained its independence in unity and harmony on the 29th of June 1976; which was 9 months later destroyed by this small armed gang leading to a one party state for the following 16 years. Former Presidents Mancham and Rene had seemingly put political differences aside by joining forces in a coalition government; even holding hands on those first minutes of Independence. One was President and the other Prime Minister and both declared “we are now free”; seemingly working together for the betterment and progress of the nation.

A simple question; which group of people   and political party destroyed freedom and disunited this beautiful small Island Nation?

By A.Pierre

Parti Lepep of Seychelles; the bully

Parti Lepep, especially under James Michel, is known for its habitual and repeated use of force, threat and coercion to abuse, intimidate and aggressively impose domination over the people Parti Lepep, the bully of Seychelles; in short, it is a big bully. Parti Lepep and James Michel continue to display a high level of disrespect for the people of Seychelles. Their actions and words are miles apart.

During the celebration of their Golden Jubilee, the party inaugurated a monument to commemorate their fifty years of existence; something very normal. The Golden Jubilee Monument however, has been constructed at the entrance of the ICCS (International Conference Center of Seychelles). This is most unethical and unacceptable. It is arrogance. Furthermore, the monument has been located on state land. This in itself is atrocious.

 Maison Du Peuple, the ill acquired headquarters of Parti Lepep is situated on Parcel V 8013 while the ICCS on Parcel V7226. The Golden Jubilee Monument has been constructed entirely on Parcel V 7226 belonging to the state.

Why has Parti Lepep decided to build their party monument on state land when they have enough space on the premises of their headquarter building to do so? James Michel has the knack of using state resources as though it belongs to him. Seychelles is not the backyard of either Parti Lepep or Michel; their arrogance knows no boundaries. There may never have been any planning permission for the construction of the monument; they may have not even bothered to check whether the land belongs to them. The repulsive attitude that Seychelles belongs to Parti Lepep has caused too much pain to the Seychellois. It has to stop now.

Their arrogance is not limited to the Golden Jubilee Monument. At Roche Caiman housing estate, one house has been reserved for use by Parti Lepep when many Seychellois families are in need of lodging. The Jj Spirit Foundation, Parti Lepep youth movement, has offices in most districts; at Perseverance a house has been allotted to them and space made available for them at district administration offices. Jj Spirit has special privileges as the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) it claims to be. A lot of NGOs has been struggling for years to be allotted land from the state to conduct their activities but without success. James Michel as patron and his Secretary General as Chairperson of the Jj Spirit Foundation continue to allocate state facilities and resources to the Foundation as though it is theirs. This is most uncivilized.

In his speech on the occasion of National Day this year, James Michel echoed one simple sentence. “This government respects and practices the rule of law”, he said. If Michel as President of Parti Lepep does not respect the rule of law, how can he do so as head of government?

The Golden Jubilee Monument will serve as a reminder to all Seychellois of how urgent is the need to rid this country of Michel’s leadership.


Portrait of a Struggle; Setting the record Straight in Seychelles

At the launch of Albert Rene`s book and first biography entitled “The father of modern Seychelles” by James Michel, he claims his party brought justice, freedom, fraternity and equality to Seychelles. This is the first full length biography analysing Rene’s early years, and his struggle against colonialism; ironically the book was written by an individual that can be considered as descending from the British Empire, Dr. Kevin Shillington.

It was SPUP under the control of Albert Rene that introduced violence in Seychelles as a political tool. No other party has used violence as a tool. People must not forget how they terrorised the Seychelles in the late 1960s and early 1970s with bombs exploding all over the place.

SPUP campaigned for Independence using the principles of “ Sesel Pou Seselwa”. However this could not win them a General election; in fact they lost three in a row with the 1974 General Elections being the last. They then decided to alter the game and cheat simply because they had no patience in attempting to win an election; greed and yearning for power was gnawing at them.

Seychelles Democratic Party wins 1970 general election and won 10 of the 15 seats for the Legislative Assembly.
On the 29th of June 1976 Seychelles became independent from Great Britain. And on the 5th of June 1977 the legitimately elected government was overthrown in a coup d’état by an armed gang and Tanzanian soldiers; less than a year after independence. In fact after campaigning for Independence and getting it Albert Rene decided this was not enough; an overthrow of a government he was a part of as prime minister was now their road to riches. This was not an act of an icon but an act under the law of treason.

After the coup of 1977, Rene betrayed the principle of “Sesel Pou Seselwa”. He acquired businesses and properties of Seychellois. He even jailed some without trial. The allegations of torture and even murder will persist until the end of time. The lucky 10,000 or more were exiled to foreign lands. Most definitely not the act of a would be icon and certainly not an act of freedom and justice as they claim. The attempted distortion of the truth and history could be considered a crime in itself.

Albert Rene declared himself President and installed a one-party state communist government and ruled by fear and force. Is this the act of bringing freedom and justice to a nation? If not as surely must be the case, what were the real reasons for the lust for power?

After approximately 15 years of a failed socialist rule the regime was forced by no choice of their own due to the collapse of the Soviet block to usher in a multiple party system. James Michel claims in his book that it was their choice as Seychelles was entering the road of progress; a lie of true narcissistic nature.

The same government remains in power to this day and the claims that they brought freedom, justice, fraternity and equality to this nation is an exempliary example of Orwellian doublespeak; the deliberate distorting and reversing of the meaning of words. This is not the true nature of a real founding fathers. The founding fathers were the first settlers on this shore and true founding fathers do no distort history and the truth in their favour; only narcissts do that.

The blind must be educated and not fooled by the claims of the sitting President as the current freedom denying Public order act is very fresh in ones memory. Freedom is defined as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. That type of real freedom James Michel was afforded before Independence; the denial of the right to assembly by the Public Order act is not freedom Mr President. Your government has failed its people and distorting history and the truth will not hide that fact.

By A.Pierre


The President of the Republic, James Alix Michel, is the proud owner of approximately twenty thousand square meters of prime land at Sans Souci, Mahe. This is nothing extraordinary except that the land was bought from government.

In 2001, Minister Joel Morgan, then Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Land Use and Habitat, transferred to James Michel three plots of land at Sans Souci namely parcels V10426, V10427 and V10248; all totalling in excess of nineteen thousand square meters. Michel paid SR 561,000 for the plots; not at all an expensive transaction.

While the normal man is allowed to buy only one plot averaging four hundred square meters from government, Michel has the special privilege of buying forty times what the normal man can buy; he receives twenty times the normal man’s salary anyway.

 It has become a routine; Presidents buy as much land as they wish from the state. The former President bought his acres at Anse Polite amid a lot of controversy. This practice is most unethical and cannot be condoned.

Over the nearly four decades the regime has been in power, all it has done is to enrich themselves at the expense of the taxpayer. They have failed to even consider constructing an official residence for the President of the Republic like in all civilized democratic societies. Instead, they have acquired land from the state and built their mansions from state funds including refurbishment and maintenance. Once they vacate the highest office, everything becomes their personal belongings; this is atrocious and a highly corruptive practice.
James Michel overthrowing a democratically elected government
Moreover, the use of the defence forces to offer close security to the head of state has been inappropriately used. The former President created an army unit specifically to take care of his personal security; it is still in existence. James Michel, on his part, moved considerable forces to serve as his personal security detachment. Under the guise of combating piracy, the elite commando unit ‘Tazar’ came into being and a new barrack was set up in the hills of L’Exile. How long can the people of Seychelles pay for the extravaganza of a few irresponsible leaders?
James Michel in North Korea with Kim II Sung

It is about time the President behaves in a more responsible manner and puts in place the proper infrastructures needed to support the institutions of state; the President’s private office being the first. Parti Lepep has the misconstrued notion that they will lead Seychelles for the next fifty years. If each President buys large portions of land from the state and build their mansions, it will not be long before they bankrupt the country with elite commando units littering the landscape. This attitude must come to end without further delay.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The countdown for third Miss Seychelles... Another World 2014, the third type
of Miss Seychelles akin to the Third Republic will take place this Saturday at the newly opened Savoy Hotel. This pageant must be distinguished from the original Miss Seychelles that took place between 1968 and 1976; and 1992 to 1999. Between 2006 and 2008 a second type of Miss Seychelles took place called Miss Seychelles Islands.

The first Miss Seychelles was Marie-France Lablache in 1968 and last was Lynn Gobin in 1976 before independence. The history of the pageant closely mirrors our sad and past political history. The beauty pageant was subsequently banned after the coup d’état and during the one party state era and no contests took place between 1977 and 1991.

It must be therefore recalled that last year, for the first time since the re-introduction of Miss Seychelles...Another World beauty pageant, the winner was invited to State House to meet the head of State, James Michel. It must also be recalled that President James Michel in 1978, as Minister of Information and Public Administration called the Miss Seychelles James Mic hel on Miss Seychelles beauty pageant “degrading and that it does not conform with our way of life, our customs and traditions!” What changed in President Michel’s principles and thinking?

Flip Flopping President of Seychelles; James Michel
Or is he just a serial flip flopper in all policies and principles. From now on he should be called President Flip Flop because he is the same person who also said that tourism would destroy our country, the same person that said that the IMF is a monster and would bankrupt Seychelles, the person who did not believe in democracy, the same person who did not believe in free market, the same person who thought that ex President James Mancham was selling our land to Arabs, the same person who did not believe in private schools, the same person that banned football clubs. The list is endless and President James Alix Michel must be dizzy with all his 180 degree spins!

By A.Pierre


Access to beaches by Seychellois remains an issue of contention in Seychelles. There have been continuous reports and complains by locals and tourists alike that they have been barred from accessing a portion of beach adjacent to the Kempinski Hotel and Resort at Baie Lazare since that portion of beach is heavily guarded. There have also been allegations that physical force has also been used in the recent past against those who made attempts to trod on the ‘forbidden’ portion of the beach.
Foreign Security Guard
On Friday 11th April 2014 a group of locals decided to find out the real truths behind the many allegations and complaints. Armed with cameras of all sorts and a determination of steel, they decided to walk the beach from Anse Gouvernment to witness what would develop. The group was indeed stopped after the Kempinski Resort by a foreign security guard who told them that the portion of beach is inaccessible because there was a VVIP function underway. Amid threats, the group did not budge and forged ahead under the watchful eyes of an army of security personnel. Suddenly half a dozen men hopped onto the beach. They were speaking Afrikaans and on being questioned, confirmed they were South Africans. They loitered and seemed at a lost on what to do about the situation as the group moved deeper into ‘forbidden territory’.

 Further ahead, a pontoon had been deployed right up to the high water mark effectively an intimidation to prevent people from crossing over to the more ‘secretive’ part of the beach. Security guards took their positions on the pontoon but the group would not be deterred; they crossed over to the portion of the beach where an army of beautiful local girls were seen passionately attending to few middle aged men under a thatched roof bungalow. On realizing that there was a crowd of unwelcomed locals on the beach witnessing their private show, the girls retreated out of view and all the stroking came to an abrupt end. Having achieved the aim of what was intended, the local pilgrims walked back for a well-deserved break; after all, it was a long walk with the early afternoon sun beating down heavily as the high tide swells was beating mercilessly against their bodies making movement difficult.
Pontoon laid across beach
 It was a worthwhile pilgrimage but a sad one. Seychelles has changed drastically over the last few years; movement for locals is more and more restricted. Swimmers and boat owners are also warned to keep their distance from that area of the beach. On that part of our territory, national laws are not adhered to. Construction is done right onto the beach and the planning regulations are not followed.

The group has decided to compile the recordings and post it on social network so that the world becomes aware on what is happening in paradise and how the rights of the people of Seychelles are being violated. More pilgrimages have been planned with the aim of sensitizing people on the need to stand their ground in their own country.

By A.Pierre