Monday, August 4, 2014


Letter to Editor,

I have been following the national reconciliation debate very closely since the architect of the coup d`etat, Albert Rene, has thrust it at the forefront of the nations mind. Before I go on I would like to quote a colleague as it summed up my thinking at the time “it's an insult to the nation that persons who are the main reason for the need of reconciliation are the ones promoting it. It's like someone throwing garbage everywhere then complaining about the mess and asking everyone else to clean up.” However, upon a long reflection I now feel as someone affected, it is my duty as a citizen to meet them halfway so reconciliation can be given a chance.  Reconciliation is now very necessary but it cannot be on their terms and conditions as that will defeat the purpose.

Mancham is right in saying that it is easier said than done but what is he harking on about when he says we need to establish the truth concerning the coup d`etat? Everybody knows the truth; even Michel describes the truth on that treasonous day in his book.

So thus Rene is correct in that we need national reconciliation; in fact we needed it yesterday. Being a victim and an opposition that has been constantly victimised like many others I feel if there is National reconciliation, it has to be on my terms and my precondition, as examples from the pass has shown they may not be sincere and trusted. As I don’t want to be taken for a ride or made to look like a fool under these circumstances, preconditions I feel is the only way. The recent electoral reform promises and public order act shoot down is a reminder of that.  

They must be open and truthful about the past and after all these years of oppression it must be remembered that Rene and his clique have become extremely wealthy, with their loot now having been redirected into legitimate businesses not only in Seychelles but abroad. Today they still control many business activities of our islands. So with that in mind and as someone brilliantly articulated reconciliation cannot simply be the act of sitting around a table so that Rene can proclaim a limp and general sorry, then everyone goes home. This would be nothing but a cheap and fraudulent trick to protect his clan and cronies after he has gone. Reconciliation is vital for the wellbeing of our country and it can and must happen. It can lead to healing of our nation provided the process is sincere and fair to the victims. And it is all about the victims.

So therefore If Albert Rene really means what he says about reconciliation these must be the preconditions:
1) A National apology to broadcast live on TV to the families of those killed and disappeared.
2) The abolishment of June 5th celebrations and removal as a public holiday.
3) The removal of Zomn Lib.
4) The government must then pay full compensation to all families: whose land have been confiscated, businesses taken away, members of families killed, disappeared and forced into exiled and people who lost their jobs because of victimisation.
 5) Allow all Seychellois living abroad able to cast their vote.
6) The repealing of the unconstitutional new Public order act and deliverance into law of the electoral reform recommendations.

There are points that I probably have missed but I feel the ones mentioned are essential. And finally only then, will I be on the way to be reconciled.

Alexander Pierre