Friday, August 8, 2014

The embarrassment that is James Michel; a hypocrite of the highest order

 In his speech at the unveiling of the new liberty monument which is suppose to forcefully unite all of us, James Michel stated that “Seychelles is a land of freedom! “; is the President taking all of us for fools or has he conveniently  forgotten about the freedom suppressing Public Order Act which he last year signed into law. As well as many other things the law provides that it is now an offence for one person to show his objection publicly to anything, meaning any demonstration, march or procession by one or more persons is illegal; that is not the land of the freedom Mr President. Ignoring and hiding the electoral reform proposals away in the clear view of everyone including international observers therefore putting a permanent halt to any chance of a free and fair elections in the near future; is not the land of freedom Mr President. Giving new powers  to a police officer, NDEA officer, custom officer or immigration officer to enter private premises without a warrant to arrest, search and confiscate materials which is not in line with the Charter of Fundamental Rights; is not the land of Freedom Mr President!

He then went on to state that “"It represents those who dedicated their lives to freedom, those who fell for freedom" This clearly does not include the James Michel as he was part of that small armed gang that destroyed freedom  and disunited this nation on the darkest day in the nation’s history.  Seychelles had gained its independence in unity and harmony on the 29th of June 1976; which was 9 months later destroyed by this small armed gang leading to a one party state for the following 16 years. Former Presidents Mancham and Rene had seemingly put political differences aside by joining forces in a coalition government; even holding hands on those first minutes of Independence. One was President and the other Prime Minister and both declared “we are now free”; seemingly working together for the betterment and progress of the nation.

A simple question; which group of people   and political party destroyed freedom and disunited this beautiful small Island Nation?

By A.Pierre