Friday, August 26, 2016


By Alexander Pierre

Parti lepep which was formerly SPPF (Seychelles People`s Progressive Front) are the proud owners of 40 plots of land according to the latest publicly available information at land registration. This is beyond the richter scale of wrong.  They are as follows; S4014, S3421, LD730, LD704, B827, J1770, V7267, V8336, V8337, V8051, V8013, C2432, V10072, V12249, V12250, V12256, V12257, V4908, V8911, PR1521, PR2350, H4689, S4296, LD622, PR2392, T1713, LD1097, C2782, V5487, LD1103, V102270, V12216, S6690, J2939, J2941, J1808, B2565, T3822, T3823 and V19499.

The card was so full the last 3 had to be written on the back and the amount of square metres is too much to calculate. How many Seychellois families could have benefited from those plots? How does a political party come into ownership of so many plots of land?

When a company changes name the assets and employees still belong to that company which is the same for a Political party. SPPF is now Parti Lepep. Parti Lepep always take the opportunity to make it known of how proud they are of their past. A past littered with tragic consequences of the coup d`etat such as nation division, disappearances, corruption and many more; it is dictatorial socialism and communism gone wrong. Seychelles as a nation cannot hide from these facts anymore; a change must take place. The remnants of the past must go and a new path must be taken.

International school, Montessori school, Zil Pasyon head office and District Administrations are just some known entities which are shockingly on SPPF/Parti Lepep land. Question is how much rent are they paying to the forever communist party? What do they do with the money? There are too many parcels to individually highlight them.

Parcel C2782, where the bazar at Anse Royale is located, has already been brought to the attention of the public by LDS candidate for Anse Royale, Flory Larue, in her campaign Party Political Broadcast.

Parcel  B2565, which is 12218 square metres in size, is an interesting plot to highlight. This plot was amalgamated from parcels from B499, B500 and B502; mafia style by the President of SPPF. No date was bothered to by recorded. Seychelles does not need mafias. The huge parcel which has 5 erected constructions with a swimming belongs to the Anse Polite branch of SPPF. Many questions arise.

Does the money they earn from all the rent of these parcels go towards funding the party? How long did Parti lepep wait on the land list? Many citizens who are deemed against the dictatorial party have been waiting on the list for over 30 years. There’s also no conclusive proof money was actually transferred for the ownership of those 40 plots. And what happened to the land allocation policy of this Government of  one piece of land per person/entity or if you have (private) land already you cannot get government land?

Is this why they are more determined than ever to keep the majority in parliament in case their secret comes out? Albert Rene once published a document called “SPPF Policy Statement Onward to Socialism”; is this what they meant by this? SPPF/Parti Lepep principles have totally malfunctioned; all Seychellois must take the upcoming opportunity in the National Assembly Election to vote them out!

Permission is granted to republish the article in full only.