Thursday, February 21, 2019


Below are some of the promises and statements made by the president during the State of the Nation Address last year for which feedback is required this year.

1. The concept of a ‘Day Centre’ for adults allows elderly to spend their day with peers and engage themselves meaningfully somewhere where there will also be someone present to give care if necessary. The Government will make land available to the private sector for them to build and manage such establishments, and we will pay to use this service.

2. Mr Speaker it is very encouraging to note that the Anglican Diocese has taken the initiative to build a Home for the Elderly in Le Niole. The Government is making land available to the private sector to build and manage such establishments.

3. ‘Nursing Homes’ are places for elderly citizens who require specialised care, like the Hospital at North East Point. Again, the Government is making land available to the private sector for the construction and management of such establishments.

4. With the aim of promoting our local traditions and Creole culture, the Government is making land available to the private sector to construct and manage restaurants that serve exclusively Creole food.

5. On Praslin, we are improving infrastructure to facilitate diversification and increase the role that Praslinois play in the development of the island. This includes new projects such as a road for La Plenn Olandaise which will connect Baie Ste Anne and Grand Anse Praslin.

6. The Government has decided that SFA will become an autonomous agency from January 2019.

7. We will be making land available to the private sector in Grand Anse Mahe, Anse Royale, and Baie Ste Anne Praslin to be used for leisure activities and entertainment, such as a discotheque for example. We invite the private sector to construct and manage such establishments.

8. We have decided to construct a second dam in the district of Grand Anse Mahe. Following a study, this dam is expected to cost 80 million Dollars.

9. Using LNG for our electricity needs is highly advantageous, both from a practical and economic standpoint. The cost of this project is estimated at 216 million Dollars. Today, I invite the private sector, including all Seychellois, to join us in formalising this project. We ask all our citizens and the private sector to be a part of this new company, which will be created this year

10. A new law called “Public Private Partnerships Act” will be presented to the National Assembly in June this year for its consideration.

11. This year, the Government will allocate 351 plots of land from the land bank based on this new policy. We expect to begin allocation from June.

12. We face constraints in terms of facility and resources for the treatment and rehabilitation of addicts, but we will start construction on a new rehabilitation centre at Cap Ternay toward the end of this year.

13. Mr Speaker, alcohol abuse remains a serious problem. Last year I proposed a frank debate on this subject, where the National Assembly makes concrete recommendations. I would like to inform the National Assembly that the Government is in the process of finalising a comprehensive policy that will be implemented from July this year.

14. Mr Speaker, the Government will bring a new law on domestic violence for the approval of the National Assembly before the end of July this year.

15. Laws on the amendment of our Constitution will be presented to the National Assembly before September this year.

16. This year the Government will establish a “small claims tribunal”. This will provide people with an alternative means to resolve smaller cases or claims without engaging in a complicated or expensive process.

17. The Government remains steadfast in the fight against corruption. The Anti- Corruption Commission is the independent authority that has been mandated by law to carry out investigations and detect corruption. We will review the anti-corruption law and give more resources to this authority to ensure that it functions in a more effective and efficient manner in the investigation and detection of corruption. The law will be presented to the National Assembly for its approval before September this year.

Seychelles Weekly