Thursday, May 10, 2018


Ex-Speaker oft he Seychelles, Patrick Pillay said in an interview with the Today Newspaper on 28th April 2018, that during his term as Speaker he elevated the standard in the National Assembly.
Is that how he did it ?????

1.       At the first SADC PF meeting in Zimbabwe, he assisted on only 2 days. Even before the meeting was over he left to go to Lesotho

2.       In his role as the Speaker, he invited SADC PF for a plenary in Seychelles. He attended only a couple of meetings and was absent most of the time.

3.       He pronounced an invitation to Seychelles for a Commonwealth Speakers’Conference. He opened the conference but was absent for all other events. He didn’t attend the banquette offered by the President nor by the High Commissioner of GB. In all circumstances it was the Deputy Speaker Hon. Prea who had to step in.

4.       At the many Assembly Business Committee (ABC) meetings, he generally refused to attend. The Deputy took over.

5.       In the first year of the NA when the Budget was being debated and members worked long hours till into the night, he left the country to go on a holiday to China.

6.       He often failed to appear at NA sittings without notification. Sometimes he called the Deputy short before and asked to chair on his behalf. At the same time he was seen doing leisure shopping at STC, amongst others.

7.       His legal adviser was paid SRC 50,000 monthly for advice the LDS NA never received.

8.       He applied for 2 bodyguards who were often seen doing works on his farm.

If by an unfortunate miracle he is elected as President; will the country come to a standstill and suffer a massive a economic collapse?

Source:Seychelles Citizen Watch

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Albert Rene retired and handed the Presidency over to James Michel on the 16th of April 2004. Rene had ruled like a dictator for 27 years; a large part under a one party state. He left behind a nation totally divided. Statistics show that between 1977 and 1990, nearly 10,000 people left Seychelles to go and live in other countries. They voted with their feet at a time when Seychellois could only vote for Rene or pay the consequences.

During those 27 years Rene had amassed a fortune; some say in the billions of dollars. Political commentators claim that his assets are scattered all around the world, including many offshore companies and bank accounts in the BVI and Switzerland.

A couple of months prior to his announcement of retirement, a company named Capricorn Estate Ltd leased a plot of land B2311 that is over 80,000 square metres for a sum which works out at just slightly over SR2000 a month at Anse Polite. The Rene clan had already transferred over 30 plots to them from the Government. Because of its huge size it appears that Albert Rene had to hide behind not just one company but two. The main shareholder of Capricorn Estate Ltd is another company called Katiti Properties (PTY) Ltd. The majority shareholder of Katiti properties is one F.A Rene. Is this what he meant when he talked about liberation and delivering us out of the darkness?

Not to be outdone, his wife, a few years earlier transferred 3 plots of the most prime land on the beach of La Digue from the Government of Seychelles to one Sarah Zarquani-Rene of Anse Reunion; LD1110, LD1112 and LD1510. The main plot LD1112 was transferred for peanuts at only SR36,000; most probably ink on paper as opposed to actual money transferred. Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Is this corruption? And are these some of the reasons we got liberated? As will be evident this is just the tip of the iceberg!


Sunday, April 8, 2018


Captain Michael Hoareau admitted in open court that the 5 fishermen who were on board Charitha with him are INNOCENT and had no knowledge of or control in the drug transaction in which the Charitha vessel was involved. He named the innocent 5 fishermen as Robert Billy Jean, Dereck Bresson, Frankie Thelermont and Naddy Delorie.

Hoareau the captain, whose sister is married to former President Michel’s son, was let off the hook by being offered to turn state witness.

George Michel speaks the truth to SBC

These innocent fishermen are looking at a life sentences and this is extracts from the court transcript as was presented before the judge. A massive miscarriage of justice has just taken place in Seychelles. Seychellois should be alarmed and outraged!

Q:           Did you tell them that you had decided that there would be a drug related transaction to be    carried out?

A:            Again I will stated to you what I stated to Mr. Andre I never said this to them.

Q:           So you were hiding something from them. Denying them that opportunity to make a decision as to whether they would go on that trip or not?
A:            That is correct yes.

Q:           And that again you will call it a big mistake?
A:            I should have told them yes.

Q:           And a mistake on your part that can cause them imprisoned for life?
A:            Yes that was a mistake I made yes.

Q:           And you feel comfortable with that mistake?
A:            No but they could have approached maybe the AG and stated that they do not know anything about this and said the truth.

Q:           And I can tell you Mr. Hoareau as far as my client is concerned the third he was approached by the NDEA he told the truth.
A:            This I do not know I am not aware.

Q:           But I am putting it to you that he did and now you are telling us you made a mistake and you realise that was a very serious mistake and it is not fair on these fisherman.
A:            When I am looking at it the AG went before the news and indicated that any of the Accused could have told the truth.
Again I will state that yes as a human being you make mistake but there are things that maybe I have made a mistake about or simple forgotten whilst under pressure.

Q:           And these are mistakes that are very serious and they have cost the accused their lives.
A:            Yes I made a mistake but I am telling the other workers I am sorry.

Q:           So you are asking them too forgive you for that. Don’t you think it is a bit late now Mr Hoareau?
A:            I stated to them since on the boat that they have every right to tell the truth that I take full responsibility that they could have stated what happened and did not happen and did not happen but I have full responsibility of what happened.

Q:           Thank you Mr. Hoareau actually it is correct that you did tell them. You group then you said that you will take responsibility for this transaction and you told them that you did not want to be cursed by the prayers of their prayers of their families because they could end up in prison.
A:            There was nothing about prayer but I did tell them that I would take full responsibility and that they would be ready to tell the truth.

Q:           And the reason why you told them that is because you knew that these man are innocent in this transaction.
A:            Again I will state I know that they were innocent in all of this and this I will stick to it.

Q:           Thank you very much at least even if it is answered a bit late you acknowledge that they are innocent to this transaction.
A:            I have always stated that they are innocent in all of this

Q:           And would it not have been better on your part to have put it in your statement said to the police these man are innocent before you signed the agreement at the AG’s office. You should have told the AG these men are innocent.
A:            I have nowhere in my statement said anything wrong about these workers.

Q:           But you never said they are innocent did you?
A:            I was asked and I stated that they were innocent.
Q:           Did you say that to the NDEA when you entered in agreement with them?
A:            No.

Q:           Again a mistake Mr. Hoareau?
A:            No they did not ask me I did not say it.

Q:           And so now what you are telling this Court, What you are telling the Judge that is the truth they are innocent.
A:            Yes as Mr. Camille had asked me and you have asked I have stated the truth that they are innocent.

 Seychelles Citizen Watch

Saturday, March 31, 2018


By Ralph Hoarau

Over the past two years we have seen a lot of allegations of criminal wrongdoings by senior members of SPPF/PL that have come to light. Those implicated include the former dictator France Albert Rene, his successor James Michel and many other officials that comprised the core leadership of SPUP/SPPF/PL. We have seen and heard allegations made by Dr. Maxime Ferrari (former VP under the Rene dictatorship) about the brutal murders of political opponents of the regime at the dictator’s former palatial home in L’Exile at Sans Souci. Allegations of wholesale corruption, extortion, theft of state assets and a plethora of white collar crimes by former SPUP/SPPF/PL elites are being exposed almost on a daily basis by no less than the National Assembly.

In spite of all those allegations, we have seen no movement from Danny Faure in his capacity as president to take any action to initiate formal investigations into those serious crimes. This can be construed as both impotence and dereliction of his duties or a demonstration of his connivance to deliberately obstruct justice, so that he can protect his former colleagues and political mentors who nurtured him and installed him in the position that he is in today. This is the man who promised a new era of transparency and clean governance, a man who proclaimed that “Sesel I pli gran ki nou tou.” After his abject failure to take the moral high road and act accordingly, Danny Faure has shown without a shadow of a doubt that there is a criminal elite that is indeed “Pli gran ki Sesel.” Danny Faure has so far failed the cause of justice in Seychelles.

In order to continue protecting his murderous political masters, Danny Faure has tried to pull off a brazen act of deception. His carefully staged apology for the callous murder of Constable Berard Jeannie by the coup plotters on the 5th of June 1977 is nothing but a charade.

While this apology should be a welcomed small step, we can, however, all see that it is disingenuous and a shameful stage-managed sham. On whose behalf is Danny Faure apologizing, himself, Albert Rene, James Michel and the other criminal coup plotters, the SPUP/SPPF/PL, the State of Seychelles, who???? What about all the others that were murdered and that have disappeared without trace to this day, are they insignificant??? Is this hollow apology meant to compensate for all the crimes committed by SPUP/SPPF/PL and its ruling elite over the past 42 years???

Despite its obvious devious intentions, this apology has left the Opposition like a rabbit caught in the bright glare of a spot light in the dead of the night. It has left them out on a limb. The fact is that the Opposition should have acted more decisively on this issue a long time ago. They should have taken steps long before to recognise and honour all our heroes who have fallen in the struggle for the return of democracy in Seychelles. It was after all their moral obligation to do so. They failed in that regard and now Danny Faure has pounced to try and gain the moral high ground by offering this so called apology. In the eyes of some he has managed to upstage the Opposition on an issue where they should already have taken decisive ownership.

So now, what should the Opposition do next?

The Opposition should now take decisive actions. They should call Danny Faure’s bluff and force his hand and demand that he immediately initiates investigations into all those criminal allegations that have surfaced. They should ask him to present comprehensive plans with timetables when those investigations will begin. If he fails to do they should block all his proposals and bring his government to a standstill.

This will play to the advantage of the Opposition in various ways.

If Danny Faure’s government is brought to a halt, he will have to dissolve the Assembly and call for fresh elections, where the Opposition is likely to increase its majority in the Assembly. This outcome would force Faure to resign and call for fresh presidential elections that he will most likely lose. If Faure persists to hold on to power, he will become a lame duck president and lose all respect on the international scene. World leaders will not want to deal with a lame duck. Assumption is a good example where Faure’s government has been humiliated on the world stage.

The Opposition now has an opportunity to show the people that they really want to pursue real justice in Seychelles and bring an end to that PL regime once and for all. The longer they fail to take the initiative on the issues of championing the cause of real justice and the recognition of our fallen heroes, the more they risk losing the political initiative to Danny Faure as time drags on and he conjures up more of those dramatic stage shows.

If on the other hand Danny Faure is contrite and genuine in the pursuit of justice and has really divorced himself entirely from SPUP/SPPF/PL, his next move should be bold, courageous and decisive. He should immediately order meaningful and serious investigations into those alleged crimes and bring the perpetrators, whoever they might be, to justice. He should be prepared to jettison his old criminal masters and make them face justice. He should also grab the initiative and take steps to formally recognise and honour our fallen heroes for their invaluable contributions towards the real struggle to restore democracy in Seychelles. If Faure can do that, he will not only go a long way to redeem himself but also to prove that he is a genuine reformer and a transformational leader in the same mould as a Gorbachev or F.W. de Klerk. He could even set himself up for a victory as an independent candidate in the next presidential elections. The trillion Dollar question is - does Faure have the conviction and moral fibre to take such a high road?

Mr. Faure we do not want your token, disingenuous apologies that seek only to protect your colleagues and predecessors, we want to see the pursuit and dispensing of real justice. Your continued impotence and/or obstruction of justice are no longer tolerable.

Source:Seychelles Hero

Monday, March 19, 2018


I annan en dikton granmoun ki dir ‘malen pa anpes kouyon’

Apre koudeta 1977 Monsieur Albert Rene ti annan gran plan pour Seselwa, par egzanp, premyerman i ti ouver laferm Sadeko Belombre avek Ma Constance pou plante e met fri dan bwat me I pa’n reisi. Dezyenman, ouver N.Y.S pou fer marse ledikasyon me i pa’n reisi. Trwazyenman … elevaz bef Cote D’or Pralen pou nouri tou Seselwa me i pa’n reisi. Katriyenman, La Pas, Silwet pou fer elevaz poul avek dizef … i pa’n reisi. Senkyenman, milyon de milyon roupi pou kanmaron lo zil Koytivi … I pa’n reisi. Sizyenman met tou bann zil dan lanmen I.D.C pou prodwir legim, i pa’n reisi. Setyenman, Barbaron pou prodwi fler, i pa’n reisi. Wityenman, ouver S.M.B pou fer pri lavi desann me i pa’n reisi.

The 3 Amigos
An 1990 Msye Rene ti deklar son lekor koman en arsitek me tou sa bann plan pa’n marse. An 2004 i ti pas baton avek son depite Msye James Alix Michel me Msye Michel avek tou son doktora ti annan en pti lespri an tet. I ti fer nou bwar delo sale. Ler lopozisyon ti dir li fer en danm i ti demande ki nou pou met dan danm.

An 2010 Msye Michel ti promet Seselwa gran devlopman pou arive dan lavil Viktorya. Sesel ti pou fleri parey Sengapour, nou ti pou annan tren sorti dan Nor pou al dan Sid.

An 2017 pou louvertir lasanble Msye Faure li i ti vin avek son gran plan. In vin promet nou de proze tinel. Msye Faure, Seselwa pa dormi dan tinel, Seselwa pa aste manze dan tinel, Seselwa pa reste dan tinel, problenm trafik dan lavil nou pou pas dan tinel ….

Parti Lepep in bite; in ler pou les LDS fer sa travay.

Seychelles Weekly

Monday, March 12, 2018


Not satisfied with their gigantic land portfolio, 40 or so registered under their old name Seychelles People`s Progressive Front (SPPF), Parti Lepep have been expanding. On the 8th of May 2014 Parti Lepep of Maison Du Peuple leased 2 plots of prime land in town for 60 years at Bois de Rose Avenue; V18998 and V18999. The rent for 4387 square metres of prime land of 2 plots, works out at SR10,965 per month, and were even given a grace period of 18 months.

Their plans for development are currently unknown. However, what is known is that due to them expanding their empire, they had to recruit a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A CEO is usually the highest-ranking executive in a company, and their primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. This could be the first time in history a political party anywhere in the world has needed a CEO. Business has been booming for Parti Lepep Ltd.

Corruption is defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain, by an individual or entity. The land allocation policy of the government, past and present, is one piece of land per person or entity. Adding another 2 more plots to their burgeoning portfolio is the red line, as calls to return the 40 plots under SPPF have been ignored for the last 2 years; most notably by Hon Flory Larue. Parti Lepep Ltd stock price is about to crash and their portfolio vaporized!

Click on the link below to remind yourself of the greed.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

LEAKED; 2018 revised Seychelles India agreement for military base on Assumption

The highly controversial military base agreement on Assumption between Seychelles and India; leaked by a true patriot. Note the revised agreement is now 20 years; doubling the length of the original by a decade!

LEAKED; 2015 original Seychelles India agreement for military base on Assumption

The highly controversial military base agreement on Assumption between Seychelles and India; leaked by a true patriot. This is the original 2015 agreement. Note the original agreement was for 10 years only.

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Is this agreement yet another example of an economic crime against the people of Seychelles?

On the 20th of December 1994 The Government of Seychelles leased 11 islands to a private company, Island Development Company Limited (IDC) for 99 years for the yearly rent of SR1. Sometime later Astove, Assumption and St Pierre were added to the original agreement making a total of 14 islands in all. IDC was supposed to develop the islands. The kind of development was never clear and ordinary Seychellois was always in the dark. Because the ordinary Seychellois were in the dark to this day, I guess they were happy enough that once a year they got birds eggs from those islands, until about two or three years ago when we were told that helicopters were needed to transport the eggs and that was why none was available. Nevertheless, there was a plan why the 14 islands were leased to IDC. The plan was to transfer the assets of IDC to another Limited company in the British Virgin Islands at a later date but fortunately the plan failed. This never made any sense to anyone until one understands that this was “attempted theft”.

The original 1994 lease agreement

Seychellois lost the benefit of his 14 islands to some dollar millionaires. We are not even allowed to set foot there. Many fishermen have complained about being denied a place to “maske” during rough weather conditions because they are chased off by armed guards.

Despite the ordinary Seychellois not benefitting in any way whatsoever from the “development” taking place on these 14 islands, up until recently millions of rupees of our tax money was poured into IDC every year. Is this not an economic crime perpetrated against the people of Seychelles?

For the last 40 years the SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep regime has been committing crimes against its citizens, however this one cannot be forgiven by the people. So what is the crime this time? Is it one of committing fraud on an international level? The signed renegotiated agreement between the Seychelles Government and the Indian Government for a military base on Assumption has yet to reach the National Assembly for ratification; the military base is now disguised as a joint venture. Where was India when our EEZ was infested with pirates? The UNODC and EU came to our rescue. For any agreement to have legal validity, it needs valuable consideration. What is the consideration for this Agreement? India gets its military base on Seychelles soil to counteract China’s military base in Djibouti and Seychelles gets WHAT? The use of a military base to wage war against the tuna, turtles and dolphins in our waters when we are attacked by them?

The Leader of the opposition may have used a couple of loose words on a recent trip to India but LDS is a movement grander than any one person. LDS is not like Parti Lepep and they are not rigid and deaf on the People of Seychelles. In principle, LDS is against any foreign military base in Seychelles and like the campaign song, it is clear the deal upon reaching the assembly should be “Zet Anba”. Danny Faure, the Unelected President of Seychelles, stated his belief in transparency, but now his Administration is being exposed as a perpetrator of yet another economic crime against the citizens, because we do not see the benefit for the ordinary Seychellois. They keep losing out.  The revised agreement has never been made public and this lack of transparency has caused massive confusion in the population. Furthermore, LDS must also ensure that the original agreement by the Michel administration is made public.

The benefit to Seychelles of having a military base on its soil does not make any sense except of course to those who might have benefitted in some way or another from it. Just out of curiosity who drafted the Agreement?

IDC website
Once again and very recently, in an interview with the Editor in Chief of Today in Seychelles, Raj Meetarbhan, on 28th of March 2017, The CEO of IDC confirms the ownership of Assumption. Therefore, any agreement for Assumption and the Indian Government should have been between the Lessee, IDC and the Indian Government. It is very strange that the CEO of IDC has been very quiet. Is the agreement between the Seychelles Government and the Indian Government not worth the paper it is printed on? Is this agreement another economic crime against the people of Seychelles?  India get its military base  and we get the birds eggs!!! It is clear some public officials are more suited to the Magic Circus of Samoa. It is also clear that the Danny Faure Administration will not make it to 2020.

CEO of IDC confirms ownership in interview with Today in Seychelles

The people must insist on the immediate removal of the Danny Faure Administration as this could be the biggest embarrassment internationally for Seychelles of all time. Lastly, is IDC Ltd wholly owned by the Government of Seychelles? If it is, why was IDC incorporated in the first place? However, be that as it may technically and legally any agreement regarding Assumption must be signed by the CEO of that limited company, the Lessee. The CEO was nowhere to be seen. End of Story!

Seychelles Citizen Watch

Thursday, February 8, 2018


I came across an article on the internet that got me thinking about the general feeling of malaise and discontentment of the people in Seychelles.  In my view a small elite owns the bulk of the land and wealth of Seychelles while the majority suffocates under an oppressive system that condemns them to poverty and hardship. Only the people’s revolution through the ballot box can turn the tide to ensure everyone gets a share of the pie

Most 'ordinary Seychellois’ are on their own. Seychelles, the tourist paradise has wealth in its ocean and yet the citizens pay crushing taxes and do battle on a daily basis with a paralysing cost of living.

Is this normal? Is this freedom? How is this independence? Why do the people still live like this, 41 years after the formal end of British colonialism? Where is the independence dividend? Who does this kind of democracy work for?

In Seychelles 40% or 30,000 of the population, have been without enough food, and shelter and other basic necessities of life according to official statistics. This 40% of the people live in poverty, and 40 years after independence things have not improved much. In some areas this figure has risen to 54%. How long will this go on? For how long will the people live like this?

Ex-presidents are entitled to an official car, an armed driver, an armed bodyguard and two police guards at home - on top of a hefty salary and allowances. What about those “ghost” accounts and contracts  (scams) in the name of national security? While citizens are told by the rulers that there are inadequate funds, what about government wastage and shady procurements? Co-habitation might be working for the politicians but its not delivering for the people of Seychelles.

How many super wealthy Seychellois are there? This tiny clique of super wealthy individuals control nearly two-thirds of Seychelles $ billion economy owning about a fifth of the country’s gross domestic product. The wealth distribution in Seychelles shows that a common thread running through almost all the dollar millionaires is their political connections as well as their ownership of large tracts of land. The wealthy political dynasties and billionaire landowners reflect Seychelles top political leadership.

Essentially, the last 40 years of independence have been about massive concentration of the nation’s wealth in the hands of a few people while the masses languish in poverty. Since independence, public office whether elective or appointive has remained the most important stepping stone to fabulous wealth through corruption, land grabbing and all manner of economic crimes against the people of Seychelles. The time has come to dismantle this system. The masses feel completely alienated by the current dysfunctional system and many remain very poor and are mostly landless. Who took their land and why?

National unity remains elusive. The country is deeply divided along political lines. Seychelles is yet to have a president whose mandate begins in the ballot box and this, despite having had four. The presidents from the Ruling Party deepen the political divide by rewarding their people with public resources and positions. They buy political loyalty by rewarding party elites and punishing entire groups by excluding them from meaningful development. As a result Seychellois generally think of themselves first as “ek nou e pa ek nou” members of their political groups and not citizens of a nation.

Can the people do something about the sad situation they find themselves in? Yes, firstly by the people asking for the return of their land. The people are fed up with the pampered political class. They want fundamental change, not another package of negotiated reforms. No amount of reforms can cure the ravages of years of elite politics. Other than revolutionary change, through the ballot box, nothing is going to improve the lives of the majority of Seychellois. The super-rich individuals will certainly grow richer, while the conditions of life of other Seychellois will worsen. The fabulous wealth of the dollar millionaires is not going to trickle down to the masses. Never!

The people themselves must dismantle this system. And they can. Most people never thought British colonialism would end. It did. Not many people imagined apartheid could be defeated by the people of South Africa. It was. Few people thought the deeply entrenched Moi kleptocracy would go. It did. It took the single selfless protest action of a young Tunisian street vendor, Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi, (not some powerful politician or grouping!) to bring down the 22-year-old dictatorship of Ben Ali in 2011.

A new radical leadership must emerge. The ultimate political authority belongs to the people and they must use it to bring about the change the country so badly needs. They are not as helpless as some might think. They have the power to overthrow this predatory system and put in place a new one that genuinely serves their interests. We need a new consciousness. People ought to understand that their conditions of poverty, disease, insecurity, unemployment, landlessness, are not the will of God- or a result of lack of faith. Rather, the people are victims of an unjust order. This order must be destroyed, through the ballot box. This is the noblest cause that the ‘ordinary citizens’ of Seychelles must now undertake: the struggle for their own liberation from the clutches of elite politics.

Alexia G. Amesbury

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Recently a local newspaper reported that a “retaining wall crumbles on home” and asked the question “Who`s responsible?” No names were mentioned as some editors’ refused to touch it; accountability was out of the window. Other Editors that had the information; just cowered in fear. Everybody wanted to keep it hush hush. Parts of the original article are published below:

“A retaining wall in La Retraite, Anse Etoile has crumbled on a neighbouring house situated just below the wall and it is still unclear whether the incident is a result of the rain, or whether the construction was faulty. Residents in the area expressed their concern about safety of construction on such steep hills.

Parts of the neighbouring home below the retaining wall was destroyed, crushed completely under the weight of the rocks and boulders from the construction.

The house has since been covered in plastic sheets, while construction workers have been seen deployed on the scene to start removing all the debris and gravel from the area so that the wall can be rebuilt.

Certain residents of the area have expressed their concern to this newspaper about the safety of certain constructions in the area, and of the safety of homes located in close proximity with these large walls and homes being built. The terrain is steep, and many of these houses are located on the mountainside.”

Seychelles Citizenwatch can reveal the house and land belongs to no other than the "Cartel busting" Minister for Habitat, Infrastructure and Land Transport which includes the planning department; Charles Bastienne. 

Apparently, the neighbours below were not at home, otherwise it could have been a fatal disaster. H6305 is the plot where the house is built. H12433 also belongs to Bastienne and purchased from the Government, totally violating Government land allocation policy “ONE PIECE OF LAND PER PERSON OR IF YOU HAVE (PRIVATE) LAND ALREADY YOU CANNOT GET GOVERNMENT LAND.”

Source: Seychelles Citizenwatch

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Gérard Hoarau (7 December 1950 – 29 November 1985) was an exiled opposition leader from the Seychelles and was head of the Mouvement Pour La Resistance (MPR) that sought the peaceful overthrow of the France-Albert René regime which had come to power on 5 June 1977 in a bloody coup d'état. The opposition was based in London. He was assassinated on 29 November 1985 by an unidentified gunman, on the doorstep of his London home.

The British police have never solved his murder, but the France-Albert René government were highly implicated. As well as the hired hit-man, British police also believed that there was another individual—believed to be a Seychellois—who knew Hoarau and was able to identify him to the foreign assassin. Neither Hoarau’s assassin nor his accomplice has been caught. British police did arrest a number of individuals who confessed to working for an Irish private detective, Ian Withers, and were responsible for tapping Hoarau’s telephone line.

Mr. René admitted that Withers was employed by his government. James Mancham stated that "we know for a fact that the house of many exile groups were broken into and bugged by agents of the René government and now if they are prepared to pay agents to bug our houses so they should able to do a lot more". He went on to say that " he was very disturbed, once madness starts you don`t know where it stops". The murder was headline news in the UK and Mike Cobb, a senior Metropolitan police press officer at Scotland Yard stated "the fact that it was being dealt with by the anti-terrorist branch at Scotland Yard obviously suggests that there is some political background to the shooting".

Charles Meynell, editor of African Confidential, explained that " judging by recent history in the Seychelles where a lot of people have disappeared, I think it's highly likely that the René government is behind this. René has himself said that the leader of the opposition over here, Mr Hoarau was public enemy number one so I think it would be very hard to come to any other conclusion at this stage". He further indicated that "much more likely is a straight forward political assassination whereby somebody is given a large amount of money and told to get on with it".

Paul Chow, the Secretary General Of the Seychelles National Movement, boldly stated that "there is no doubt it is Mr René, the Marxist President of Seychelles. Only last month his party congress passed a resolution to the effect that he should take action against enemies of the revolution in Seychelles and abroad".

Grover Norquist, a powerful and very influential Republican lobbyist, was hired by communist France-Albert René to lobby before Congress. Asked how he could have a communist ruler who had been accused of human rights abuses as a client, Norquist stated that René was "a guy who preferred to not have elections for a number of years," and said of René’s human rights record, "there were one or two people who people were suspected done in."  It was also stated that whilst René denied involvement in the assassination, he admitted to bugging Hoarau’s telephone and to listening in on Hoarau’s last phone call.

British police had discovered that Hoarau’s telephone line was systematically bugged by these agents by placing a device in a junction box. The recordings were made from a safe house bought specially for that purpose from funds transferred from a secret account in Jersey.  During his last phone call Hoarau changed the time of a doctor’s appointment.  This information was necessary for the assassin to have in order to lay in wait for him on the fateful day.  British police later identified the murder weapon as a Sterling machine gun, the same type of gun used by the Seychelles police.

Hoarau was a very bright and highly educated young Seychellois with a degree in philosophy and theology from a prestigious Italian university. Consequently, he was fluent in Latin and Italian, as well as in English and French.

After independence he worked as special assistant to President James Mancham at State House, as head of the nascent foreign ministry. He was also a great footballer and gained many caps for the Seychelles National Team.  Hoarau opposed the creation of the one-party state and the decision by Rene to close down all football clubs in Seychelles and plan the incarceration of all youngsters reaching the age of sixteen into political education camps for two years, which Rene called the National Youth Service (NYS).

Hoarau was targeted by the new regime. The targeting became more evident after the school children demonstration in October 1979 against the National Youth Service.

On 15 November 1979, Hoarau and 100 others were rounded up by the police and held incommunicado without charge or trial at the Union Vale Prison guarded by young Seychellois soldiers led by Tanzanian troops. When he was released nine months later, he was placed under house arrest until he was escorted by security police out of the country.

Hoarau then moved to South Africa and in 1982 the South African government cancelled his resident permit after an agreement by them and René on the release of South African mercenaries captured in Seychelles. One of René's conditions being that Hoarau would be expelled from South Africa.

Gérard Hoarau is buried in London, his body specially preserved in a zinc casket so one day it can be repatriated to his homeland; Seychelles.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Hon Ferrari had just brought up the issue of the kiosks being built at ex-Flamboyant. Although no planning permission has officially been granted completion of the newly named Village de Flamboyant is almost complete; the soft opening was on the 10th of August as reported by local newspapers. This is not the scam.

The scam is that the land belongs to Parti Lepep and the rent for the kiosks range from SCR3,500 to SCR10,000 depending on the size. That is the scam.

Here`s an excerpt from the article from Today newspaper on the 3rd of August.

“The project manager overseeing the work being done is Darryl Lefournour. He explained to TODAY that their plan to develop the place is big. “These kiosks will be occupied by different small businesses. For instance, we will have a ‘Braid Bar’, a florist, places for food like chicken and chips and pizza. There will also be a place where fresh fruits and vegetables will be sold. A few kiosks will be selling clothes, shoes and bags, toys, potted plants, spare parts for motorcycles and scooters. In addition to that, a retail outlet for electronics will also be stationed here,” he revealed.

He said that they will be initiating a lot of activities to attract people in the area. “For instance, during the Creole Festival we have plans to turn this place into a Creole Village where we can have Creole activities throughout the festival. We will also be targeting other national events,” he said. Mr. Lefournour added, “other than that, throughout the year there are different days which are celebrated across the country (example Women’s Day, Children’s Day, HIV/AIDS Day, Environment Day, etc.) and we are planning to bring these in as well. Another project ongoing in the same area is the renovation of the ground floor of the Ex-Flamboyant Discotheque. This space, Mr. Lefournour said, will be an event hall which members of the public can rent for different functions.”

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Mr Patrick and his wife returned to Seychelles after having lived overseas for many years. They bought a parcel of land at Le Niole and started a small tourism self-catering business of only two rooms. A parcel of land adjacent to their own belongs to government; on it is a dilapidated, uninhabited house. Two years ago, Mr Patrick requested to government that the plot be leased to him for extending his business. Government agreed but not before going through traumas as Patrick’s family were not very fond of the political party in power. However, after Patrick’s wife served as witness in the famous ‘however’ case challenging the election results, government revoked its intention to lease the land in question to Mr Patrick. Patrick’s wife was certainly not a witness of the government in power. When the revocation letter was received by the family, the motivation was abundantly clear; political victimisation.

As the uninhabited house posed a health risk to the adjacent tourism establishment because of rodents and vermin, Mr Patrick found it necessary to maintain a minimal level of cleanliness on the adjacent property; work which he had to do on his own. However, the old house attracted drug users and other part time squatters; it had been overgrown. Because of the declining security situation in the country, the family was forever concerned about the security of their guests and with the death of Mr Simon Esparon, Mr Patrick became more worried.

Coincidentally the family came across another couple who had been seeking decent short term accommodation. Mr Patrick found an opportunity to attend to the security problem by having someone live in the abandoned house. With a lot of verve and determination, the area was cleaned and made habitable. Before the cleaning started, Mr Patrick sought an appointment to meet with the Principal Secretary for Habitat to seek his permission in allowing the house to be temporarily occupied for the reasons stated but he was not successful. Determined, he informed the secretary to the PS that he was going to State House which he did. He was about to meet Mrs Arnephie when his phone rang and he was informed he had been granted an audience with Mr Denis Barbe, the PS Habitat.

He informed PS Habitat of the situation and gave his commitment that the couple would leave when government needed to make use of the land. The couple had brought into the house few furniture by the time Johan Loze showed up and informed everyone who wanted to hear that the house had been allocated to him and squatters had no rights in Seychelles. Mr Loze was adamant that the house was his and he had the right to evict the squatters.

Johan"Zimo" Loze

The house was subsequently barricaded and nailed shut to ensure that no one could enter; the couple could therefore not take out their furniture.

Interestingly, they received a letter from the planning authority threatening action for unauthorized renovation works.

After negotiations were undertaken, PMC officers supervised the removal of furniture from the house which was barricaded shut again.

It is such a tragedy that a ministry which is responsible for ensuring that every Seychellois has a roof over their heads should be involved in a useless eviction exercise. Furthermore; who is Johan Loze and what role does he play in all of that?? The incident highlights that Parti Lepep is more vicious than ever; their networks are still very active. Parti Lepep diehards will find President Danny Faure’s theme for 2018 of respect, compassion and love very hard to digest.

Source: Seychelles Weekly