Friday, September 13, 2019


The note hidden behind Rodney Payets bank card; which was part of his belongings recently deposited at the IDC office.

6th August 2019

Clifford Roseline Esq.
Chief Of Staff
Seychelles Peoples’ Defence Forces
Bel Eau, Mahe, Seychelles

Through Commander-in-Chief
Of the Defence Forces
State House

Dear Sir,

Re: The Disappearance/ Death/Killing/ Imprisonment of Rodney Dominic Payet

We, the mother and grand mother of the Mr. Rodney Dominic Payet write this letter to you in regards to the disappearance, death, killing or imprisonment of our grandson and son respectively.

1             Rodney, Dominic Payet was a member of the Armed Force stationed on Assumption Island bearing Army Number SSP 4446, was a private in the regular force of the Seychelles Army where he was in  October 2018 before his alleged “disappearance? Death? Killing? Or imprisonment?

2             In a “communiqué” issued by the Armed Forces  it was alleged that Private Payet and another member of the Armed Forces got on a raft and went out fishing and never returned. Neither the raft nor his body was ever found.

3             Reasonable research and explanations indicate that rafts by their very nature never sink and should have washed up somewhere.

4             All enquiries we have made in regards to his whereabouts have been met with a wall of deafening  silence.

5             Sometimes after his alleged “disappearance” a small bag with his “belongings” was deposited at the IDC Mahe office and collected  by us.

6             In a small clear plastic, hidden behind his bank card was a note from Private Rodney Dominic Payet written on “army stationery partly burnt on two side with the words “03/07/18 to 19/07/18,  17 days in jell KILL, OR NEVER SEE MY FAMLIY”

7             Several questions arises from this small frayed note (copy attached)

i)             Why was he in jail?
ii)            Whom was he ordered to kill?
iii)           Who gave him the order to kill with the threat that not do so, would lead to him not seeing his family again?
iv)          Where is Private Rodney Dominic Payet?
v)           Who is responsible for the safety of Army Personnel whilst performing their duties?
vi)          Who came up with this cock and bull story about a kartier maron?
vii)         Where did they get the materials to build this raft and go “fishing” without the express knowledge and permission of their immediate supervisor?

8             Sir, this is 2019 and the people of Seychelles were beginning to breath a sigh of relief believing that “forced disappearances” imprisonment without charge, and killings were a thing of the past.

9             We have a right to know what has happened to Private Rodney Dominic Payet and  since he was in the Army at the time of HIS ALLEGED DISAPPEARNCE the Army through you HAVE A DUTY to provide an answer as to the whereabouts of our loved one. Rodney was my only child ONLY CHILD, I had him when I was merely 15 years old.

10          If the right to Information, as contained in the Access to Information  Act 2018 is to have any substance then you are being called upon to provide the above information. Failure on your part to do so would leave us with no choice but to ask the court to issue a writ of “Habeus Corpus” asking you to produce “the person” or his “body” before the court within a specified time period.

11          Through this letter, a copy of which is being sent to local newspapers, members of the public or other personnel are being requested to come forward with any information that might be helpful in ascertaining the whereabouts and fate of Private Rodney Dominic Payet.

12          Looking forward to hearing from you.

       Yours faithfully,

 Ms. Linda Tracy McKeown   

Ms. Marie Auguste Rosalie