Thursday, July 26, 2018


The Chief Justice(CJ) has so far purchased 2 parcels of land from the Republic, one in 1999 via Seychelles Housing Development Corporation whereby she more than doubled her money in 45 days having sold H2868 for SR400,000; all this whilst not residing in Seychelles. In 2013, she purchased another, B6935 for the sum of SR204, 000. This property has been highlighted in the media recently for the unethical use of public funds by the judiciary to benefit the CJ. Most ordinary Seychellois does not even get to purchase 1 parcel of land from the Republic in their lifetime.

If corruption is defined as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain” the reader can themselves decide if this is corruption.

What is interesting about B6935 is that the notary is not known; it is just a squiggle. An Assistant official notary is a person from the Attorney-General’s Chambers. Why does his or her name not appear on the document? Where is the notarial stamp? When an Attorney from the private bar submits a document for registration the Registrar will return the document if it is not stamped by the Notary or Attorney; why was this not followed this time and the document was registered? Who was the Registrar of Lands at the time? Is this document as drawn up therefore legal?

With the upcoming tribunal, President Danny has no option but to act like a President and suspend the Chief Justice with immediate effect and work to force her resignation. The reputation of the judiciary is now in tatters and the Presidents mantra of accountability, transparency and good governance must now be turned into action. The people of Seychelles await.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018


While there is a lot of speculation as to what may have happened to Marvin Asba who disappeared on Independence Day last year, his family continues to seek the support of the police and government as they try and put together the pieces of the puzzle. Unfortunately, all agencies the family has turned to have failed to respond appropriately.

The parents of Marvin
The investigation into the disappearance of Marvin took a turn for the worse with the sudden resignation of the chief of the Investigation Department Chief Superintendent Francois Freminot who had been directly involved with the investigation.

In mid June this year, the parents wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police (Compol) Mr Kishnan Labonte highlighting their plight and seeking his support for the continuation and update of the investigation. The letter was copied to senior politicians but the family alleges that no one, including the Compol, had even the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of their correspondence.

From the testimonies of members of the family, it becomes apparent that the agencies concerned with the investigative process was very late in taking proactive measures. Routine procedures like the tracing of phone calls have failed to bring in positive results to date. This remains a serious embarrassment for the investigative agency.

In short, the police has failed to deliver. It is to be noted that two persons closely related to Marvin Asba have also met with unprecedented fate. Peter Zoe also disappeared while Dadi Lespoir was found dead in his vehicle. Post mortem results made public by the police indicated he died of heart failure and he was cremated.