Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The leaked documents; SBFA LOAN SCANDAL EXPOSED

The Seychelles Business Financial Authority (SBFA) has acted as a money channeling agency since its creation though it was created to encourage the growth of small enterprises. It was meant to provide concessionary loans to small businesses registered with SENPA. It did not do only that.

What it did was to grant loans to many people who never needed the loans in the first place. One very senior member of the National Assembly with big business did in fact benefit from a loan from the authority in 2013 and had not bothered to pay until the urgent question to be asked in reference to SBFA came to his attention. He paid up immediately.

There are also several suspicious accounts that have been written off which points directly to relatives of members of staff as well as persons closely related to the ruling party but worse of all is the CEO’S attitude towards staff. Not only did she position cameras in several offices to keep staff under constant surveillance, it is alleged she also incorporated listening devices to listen in to staff conversations. The proposed investigations into the affairs of SBFA should ensure that better control mechanisms are implemented in the future.

Seychelles Citizen Watch

BIG STORM; Seychelles has a $2.2 million property in New York!

Storms that swirled through North Castle, a town in Westchester county New York, hit a home under construction and collapsed last week. According to a local newspaper that is part of the USA today network, the property is owned by the nation of Seychelles. Land records show that the property was purchased by Seychelles in 2016 for more than $2.2 million.

North White Plains firefighters had responded to 1503 Old Orchard Street to make sure no one was inside the damaged house, which was being built on a 7.92-acre parcel. Strong winds may have hit the building and caused part of the roof to collapse, said Sara Carter, a representative of the U.S. Consul General for the Republic of Seychelles, which owns the property, according to North Castle town records. No one was hurt, she said.

More drama was to follow when Police officers responding to the building collapse on the Seychelles owned property found stolen goods; a caterpillar backhoe that was stolen from the town of Ossining. The caterpillar was reported stolen from Ossining on the morning of July 30. Officials with the Seychelles Consulate did not reply to emails seeking comment from the local newspaper.

Does the Seychelles really own the property or is someone using the good name of Seychelles to hide from paying taxes?

Seychelles Citizen Watch