Tuesday, August 23, 2016



The word revolution instantly sends that creepy feeling down our spines and  warning bells to our heads.  History of revolutions around the world have in too many cases spilled innocent blood and left trails of suffering along its path.   Such as the great communist revolution.  Packaged as the ultimate solution to save the downtrodden, communism and socialism only transformed those regimes in brutal dictatorship across the world.   Until the mid eighties after the fall of the Eastern block countries, that doctrine was perhaps the biggest lie that many had to silently bear until it's true nastiness was revealed across the world's media.   North Korea being the exception still survives today and unfortunately our dark past saw our nation recognising its existence and shamefully flocked its company.   Seychelles have indeed walked through the valley of the shadow of shame following the cowardly act of the 1977 coup d'etat. 

But the bright news is that our beloved country, at this critical juncture is going through a revolution that for once, after four decades of lies and corruption, is bringing pride back to its people.  Pride that was so commonplace amongst us prior to the coup.   It is being coined our revolution of unity and peace guiding our country towards inclusivity, optimism and refreshed enlightenment.

The struggle is not quite over yet but the finishing line is in sight and the wave for change is unstoppable.  Similarly to the tipping point in felling a massive sandragon tree which also goes through a brief moment when it lingers to and fro just prior to its thunderous crash, this is is the very moment that we presently find ourselves in.  The tipping of the present regime.  But what exactly kindled this revolution of peace?  Like all revolutions, it is a combination of numerous factors.  But ultimately Darwin warned us that change is the only constant in our world.

Whilst leaders influence changes, this revolution is in the main being propelled by the common men and women of all ages.  But most notably, are those pensioners in their twilight years, who find it their faithful duty to come forward one more time to finally bring democracy back to their country. Discarding fear in the gutter that  kept them in meek obedience for 39 years, today they proudly stand firm and upright in their own shoes.   But this is no motley group of individuals on a wild rampage as have happened in numerous revolutions.  No Sir, this is the LDS on the move towards a very clear vision for an inclusive  Seychelles where no man stands above the constitution.  The Linyon Demokratic Seselwa  is formed of five different entities.  It's strength built from the abilities of such a diverse group.  Allowing it to fearsomely and honestly debate, conclude and work together.  

The complete opposite to a system of government reminiscent of those days of ruling by Presidential decree.  Alongside the practice of interfering with the judiciary, nepotism, victimisation, and wastage.  The list being endless.  A government service with an inbuilt design to frustrate and make processes difficult and unbearable.  All intended to lead an individual to a point where political allegiance to the ruling party will suddenly be offered as the remedy to smooth the impossible.  A public service that should aptly have, as its slogan, 'Serving in order to Frustrate.'     

For too long the country has been run under a system of crony capitalism. Where disparity between a favoured few and the rest of the population spans all the needs of its people. From ease of doing business, favoured access to land and property, to licenses and permits, to special concessions, favoured labour incentives, one Rupee lease amongst cronies, to name a few.  We have come a long way in our struggle since the day that our constitution was gang raped by a bunch of goons.  And sadly to a day where we see the victim willing to go to bed with the rapist.  To a day where our judicial system has lost the public's trust, a day where corruption becomes a necessary qualification to high office, a day where the Election Commissioner has equal respect to the con-man.  But despite all the injustices that we have and are still suffering,  we are prepared to forgive.   Yes we are, not because they know not what they do, but because our love for our country is greater than their desire to keep our nation in the dark.     

And today we repeat our call that no man should be above our constitution.  This is our one single demand that we will not compromise on.  Where no man can interfere with the judiciary, where no man can interfere with the Election Commissioner.   Where SBC meets its obligation of transmitting diverse views without favour.  This country deserves the best and we will not accept second best.  The people have made this call.  The people understands this call.   This demand is being done in the name of unity, peace and the preparedness to heal the nation and for once put to rest our dark past in the archives as lessons for future generations.  

Most important is that our distorted history is honestly righted so that our nation can take a deep breath and move on in unity.  Taking us towards our vision for a refreshed and inclusive Seychelles.  And until this demand is achieved, no mum or dad dare have dreams for their children.  No youth can have dreams of their own.  No entrepreneur can confidently invest without that eerie feeling that a malicious ghost hangs behind the curtains ready to trip his progress.  But as the wind of change fill our sails, we know that finally those dark days will soon be lost in the aft horizon.  Expect some that will drop to the lowest level of decency to block our movement.  But good always prevail over bad.    My friends, the best is yet to come for our beloved country.   Let us all be part of that change together.  Room for everyone on this train.  God bless our Seychelles.

Roy Fonseka