Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The countdown for third Miss Seychelles... Another World 2014, the third type
of Miss Seychelles akin to the Third Republic will take place this Saturday at the newly opened Savoy Hotel. This pageant must be distinguished from the original Miss Seychelles that took place between 1968 and 1976; and 1992 to 1999. Between 2006 and 2008 a second type of Miss Seychelles took place called Miss Seychelles Islands.

The first Miss Seychelles was Marie-France Lablache in 1968 and last was Lynn Gobin in 1976 before independence. The history of the pageant closely mirrors our sad and past political history. The beauty pageant was subsequently banned after the coup d’├ętat and during the one party state era and no contests took place between 1977 and 1991.

It must be therefore recalled that last year, for the first time since the re-introduction of Miss Seychelles...Another World beauty pageant, the winner was invited to State House to meet the head of State, James Michel. It must also be recalled that President James Michel in 1978, as Minister of Information and Public Administration called the Miss Seychelles James Mic hel on Miss Seychelles beauty pageant “degrading and that it does not conform with our way of life, our customs and traditions!” What changed in President Michel’s principles and thinking?

Flip Flopping President of Seychelles; James Michel
Or is he just a serial flip flopper in all policies and principles. From now on he should be called President Flip Flop because he is the same person who also said that tourism would destroy our country, the same person that said that the IMF is a monster and would bankrupt Seychelles, the person who did not believe in democracy, the same person who did not believe in free market, the same person who thought that ex President James Mancham was selling our land to Arabs, the same person who did not believe in private schools, the same person that banned football clubs. The list is endless and President James Alix Michel must be dizzy with all his 180 degree spins!

By A.Pierre