Friday, August 15, 2014

Seychelles Government abandons family

What is wrong with our society? What are we coming to? This poor three year old boy is sleeping on the beach at Anse Aux Pins every night together with his 15 year old brother and parents. Their house burnt to the ground last month and they have nowhere to live – they have lost everything in the house fire. Our government is doing nothing to help this family. How heart breaking it is to think that this three year boy is sleeping out there, in the cold and windy nights on a beach. Don’t we have a heart or compassion for our fellow citizens anymore? I accompanied his mother at the DA’s office in Anse Aux Pins today to plead for help, but without success. The DA claims that she has already spoken to the PS at MLUH and she has to wait for an available place to house this suffering family. This is totally unacceptable and this family must be given a place to live immediately. Does our president who claims that he has a heart for every Seychellois knows that a three year old (en pti trezor) accompanied by his family are living in such conditions in this very country? Does Mr. Meggy Sodie Marie knows that this is happening in his constituency? If yes what they they doing to help this family? I am looking forward to see this situation resolved As Soon As Possible… I have concrete information that there are houses available at Perseverance ready to be allocated. They are in need and they should be looked after. If they are not, I will (as Usual) give this heart-breaking story wider publicity to show everybody how our government treat children in Seychelles. I would be very grateful if everybody reading this could like this post to support my plea for the government to help this family in need.