Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MURDER IN THE SEYCHELLES?: Everything is suspect in the death of Harmon Chellen

The article in Le Mauricien(Google Translated) | August 25, 2014 - 3:05 p.m. | By LINDLEY COURONNE

"In the hands of the individual, the force is called crime.  In the hands of the state, the force is called right ... "- Stirner

I do not know Harmon Chellen. But, following his highly suspicious death in the Seychelles I conducted a week-long intensive investigation for the students, employees and acquaintances. Indeed I was deeply shocked by the death as brutal and unexpected. Because everything is suspect in what may now be called the Case Chellen.

We first note the haste with which the Minister of Tourism, St. Ange, explicitly refers to "asphyxia" and implicitly drowning and even the "suicide". But St Ange is not a forensic pathologist, or even chief of police. However, in a rule of law that respects itself, a minister leaves the investigation be conducted impartially before deciding, especially so categorically. So why does it take place with such eagerness? The tourist reputation of his country does more valuable than the life of a man, even when he is a guest of honor of his country? Lindley Couronne The director of Human Rights Indian Ocean (DISMOI) "In Chellen case, it is essential to hold to account the Seychelles government, because it is in the safety of citizens in the Indian Ocean"

A second autopsy in Mauritius revealed that Harmon Chellen had sustained injuries to his left temple, which it says confirms the theory of "suspected foul play.” Post mortem results released by the Seychelles police had not revealed these injuries.

Then notice how very singular of the investigation Seychelles Police that deserves some attention for a while. For we shall see a disconcerting amateurism or cynicism that is bloodcurdling ... Let’s look at the facts: Police arrested at 9:40 am Harmon Chellen following the allegations of a woman working his hotel. These officers say Mr. Chellen shows "uncooperative," which in the jargon of all the world's police to say he does not want to sing the same song as the investigators.

At 2:28 p.m., lo and behold, Chellen is "reported" missing "in the precincts of the police station! At 2:29 p.m., according to the book of the police, the police left the post to go in search of the person they had arrested! Finally, at 14:50 a citizen of Seychelles found his body 500 meters from the police station where he had "escaped" ... in a place where even the unconscious suicidal would struggle to drown ...

Except to be amateur sleuths, hard not to ask many questions: who saw Harmon Chellen living between his "escape" and the discovery of her body (If possible someone reliable and who is not a witness the police). Can and should we believe the police version? Mr. Chellen who was a morally strong man it have been seized with a sudden urge to suicide between the police station and the hotel where he was about to return before flying to join a united and loving family? Last but Harmon Chellen has he really left the station alive Police - questions that will inevitably arise all those familiar with police methods in Africa and the southwest Indian Ocean?

Anyone who does not ask these questions still lives in the world of Alice in Wonderland. Especially if the Seychelles Police is known. As for the citizens of the world would know that the image of Seychelles postcard-cocofesse, police in this country can, if they want (or when they are ordered) behave like real Tonton Macoute. Manipulated by the party in power for nearly 40 years they have been known to, for example, the bloody beating up in broad daylight of Wavel Ramkalawan, the leader of the opposition, for beatings and torture of prisoners in order to confess, or to have removed any person likely to endanger the political oligarchy in place. Some would say that the Seychelles have changed and that the police state is gone. But there was barely a year I have personally investigated the Seychelles during which I interviewed opponents, journalists, ordinary citizens, and I know enough about the political situation in order to say that "nothing is same, but everything is like before.”

In the Case Chellen it is essential to hold to account the state of the Seychelles as it is in the safety of citizens in the Indian Ocean and thus the world. Arvin Boolell, our Foreign Minister, promised to discuss the case with his counterpart in Seychelles, Boolell but is not one to make waves, "realpolitik" of the Mauritian State may raise concerns that the decision is to "sacrifice" Chellen. That's why our Organisation will not hesitate to alert international public opinion if all the light was not made on this case and justice served. It is for the Mauritian media (and all media in the Indian Ocean) to conduct their own investigation into the case Chellen not be "embedded" in the middle of childish and unnecessary political palaver.

Source: Le Mauricien(Google Translated)