Friday, August 8, 2014

Parti Lepep of Seychelles; the bully

Parti Lepep, especially under James Michel, is known for its habitual and repeated use of force, threat and coercion to abuse, intimidate and aggressively impose domination over the people Parti Lepep, the bully of Seychelles; in short, it is a big bully. Parti Lepep and James Michel continue to display a high level of disrespect for the people of Seychelles. Their actions and words are miles apart.

During the celebration of their Golden Jubilee, the party inaugurated a monument to commemorate their fifty years of existence; something very normal. The Golden Jubilee Monument however, has been constructed at the entrance of the ICCS (International Conference Center of Seychelles). This is most unethical and unacceptable. It is arrogance. Furthermore, the monument has been located on state land. This in itself is atrocious.

 Maison Du Peuple, the ill acquired headquarters of Parti Lepep is situated on Parcel V 8013 while the ICCS on Parcel V7226. The Golden Jubilee Monument has been constructed entirely on Parcel V 7226 belonging to the state.

Why has Parti Lepep decided to build their party monument on state land when they have enough space on the premises of their headquarter building to do so? James Michel has the knack of using state resources as though it belongs to him. Seychelles is not the backyard of either Parti Lepep or Michel; their arrogance knows no boundaries. There may never have been any planning permission for the construction of the monument; they may have not even bothered to check whether the land belongs to them. The repulsive attitude that Seychelles belongs to Parti Lepep has caused too much pain to the Seychellois. It has to stop now.

Their arrogance is not limited to the Golden Jubilee Monument. At Roche Caiman housing estate, one house has been reserved for use by Parti Lepep when many Seychellois families are in need of lodging. The Jj Spirit Foundation, Parti Lepep youth movement, has offices in most districts; at Perseverance a house has been allotted to them and space made available for them at district administration offices. Jj Spirit has special privileges as the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) it claims to be. A lot of NGOs has been struggling for years to be allotted land from the state to conduct their activities but without success. James Michel as patron and his Secretary General as Chairperson of the Jj Spirit Foundation continue to allocate state facilities and resources to the Foundation as though it is theirs. This is most uncivilized.

In his speech on the occasion of National Day this year, James Michel echoed one simple sentence. “This government respects and practices the rule of law”, he said. If Michel as President of Parti Lepep does not respect the rule of law, how can he do so as head of government?

The Golden Jubilee Monument will serve as a reminder to all Seychellois of how urgent is the need to rid this country of Michel’s leadership.