Thursday, July 31, 2014

Opposition Parties deplore the Public Order Act

In a press conference held at Arpent Vert recently, the leaders of the SUP (Seselwa United Party) and the SNP (Seychelles National Party) deplored the POA (Public Order Act) in its entirety. Mr. Ralph Volcere and Mr. Wavel Ramkalawan briefed the press on the main reasons they are disappointed at the new piece of legislation. The main objections covered were:

• Change in definitions in the new bill
• The powers given to the Minister of Internal Affairs over the Commissioner of Police
• The power of the Commissioner of Police to prevent an assembly
• The appointment of the Appeals Board by the President
• The new powers of search and confiscation given to the customs, police, NDEA and immigration officers
President James Michel afforded the right to assembly at the 1974 SPUP political rally

The leaders also noted the deception of James Michel as the new POA opposes all the recommendations proposed by the Electoral Reform Commission.

The two leaders will take a case to the Constitutional Court to challenge the constitutionality of the new Act.