Friday, September 19, 2014


Brigadier Vernon Hunter is the new deputy commissioner of police in the Seychelles police force. He was appointed on September 15, 2014 according to a communiqué received from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport. Prior to accepting the position, Brigadier Hunter was the provincial head of the operational response service of the South African police service in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

The communiqué adds that Mr Hunter is a career officer with 42 years of distinguished police service with the South African police service. In his new role, deputy commissioner of police Hunter will report directly to the expected soon to be replaced commissioner of police, Ernest Quatre, to fully support the mission of the Seychelles police force and to drive the professional development processes of the force.

The salary busting appointment of the 59 year South African underlines how bankrupt the local police force is, in terms of leadership despite the much publicised Police Young Leaders Programme. As well as a car and house the new Deputy Commissioners salary will be a king’s ransom; salary an equivalently qualified Seychellois can only dream of and all courtesy of the taxpayers. Vernon Hunter is the third foreigner to be appointed in that position since 2009. Recruiting another foreigner to fill in the position means the Michel administration has no confidence in Seychellois high ranking officers as the control of key position like the in the  Judiciary are maintained.