Saturday, September 3, 2016


Dear Madam,

I write to set the records straight in regards to an incident that happened on Thursday 1st September 2016 at the Land Registry, which has been reported both by the SBC and the Nation News paper which is nothing short of defamatory of the three persons involved.

Firstly, Barnet Fanchette is a director of his company called TB Search that undertake work for those persons seeking their family tree (genealogy) and land Titles that their ancestors may have had. He is a methodical and prolific researcher who has travelled both to La Reunion and Mauritius in pursuit of his client’s instructions. The Land Registry is the place where most of his work is done and he knows almost all the personnel there. He knows the procedure for accessing documents and he also knows that land Titles are public documents and the Land registry a Public place.

On Thursday I gave him a document with the following parcel numbers and asked him to ascertain who is/are the owners, V 10428, V 10427, V 10426, V 17024, V 663, V 6081, V 662, V 661, V 6085, V 8311. It is believed that the eight parcels of land are owned by President Michel.

He visited the Land Registry with me and we gave the information to Priscilla and she informed us that the files were not in its place but she would trace the files and if we returned in the afternoon she would  let us know if she had traced the files.

That afternoon Barnet went to the Registry accompanied by Alexander Pierre  who wanted to find out whether indeed the JJ Spirit Building is on a plot of land that was purchased for One Rupee.  Bernard Sullivan simply accompanied Alex.

There is a video clip that has since been uploaded on the Seychelles Daily Facebook group that shows clearly what ensued.

The truth

The Nation lies

SBC Lies

If there was any kind of disturbance would the Land Registrar or some other person not have called in the security at the Independence House check-in counter? Priscilla asked all three to switch off their phones, which request was promptly complied with. At some stage Alex is clearly heard to be laughing. Is that the kind of scenario where there is violent abuse and assault? Priscilla is seen throwing a file down on the counter. This would suggest that the only person who lost her professionalism is Priscilla and no one else.

Whereas in the morning of the 1st of September 2016 the owner (s) of the ten parcels of land was in doubt after what happened to the three, it is now clear who owns those plots of land.

The three have been bailed for criminal trespass. Is the Land Registry not a public place? Is there a notice anywhere indicating that the place is private property and that special permission must be sought prior to entry? Criminal trespass is an offence where one must first be proved to have “trespassed”. The video clip shows Priscilla inviting the three into the “search area”. One must also enter with “an intention to commit a felony therein”. Priscilla had told Barnet to return in the afternoon to see whether she had found the files sought in the morning. And Alex is clearly heard to be asking for the file of the parcel of JJ Spirit Building, V16938 so, was their intention, to steal files, assault and commit acts of violence?

Why are the ten files missing from their usual place? Is the land registry not the depository of all land documents? Why did Priscilla have to go into an inner office with the list of ten plots of land in the morning when I was there?

Based on what happened, and the false accusations leveled at the three, I can now safely assume that the ten plots of land are owned by President Michel or some other person (s) or entity with close ties with PL and I feel justified in asking whether the ten plots of land form part of the “aki” and “gain’ that he and Vice President Danny Faure wants to protect when he asks the Nation to vote for PL MNAs?

Alexia G. Amesbury