Monday, November 7, 2016


The public`s call to be heard on the decision to turn D`Arros Island and Saint Joseph atoll into a “special reserve” has fallen on deaf ears. The Parti Lepep government will now allow the scam to go ahead.

It is common knowledge that Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh, the Saudi national involved in the Plantation Club takeover scandal, is the person who presently has control over D'Arros Island, and is also the founder of Save Our Seas foundation. We know the special reserve is not being created because he is interested in conservation, but merely a smoke screen to extend his control over St. Joseph atoll for his own exclusive pleasure.

 Now he wants us Seychellois and our visitors to be further deprived of our patrimony, what bloody cheek! This is the same man who has blocked access to Val Mer beach in Baie Lazare, and has caused serious environmental damage in the reefs of D'Arros.

  He is a shark freak, alledgedly involved in chumming activities around our islands. A couple years back, two of his staff were devoured by shaks while chumming for their boss in the Grand Police bay area. A similar incident was repeated at D'Arros more recently, but the person involved survived his injuries this time. He obviously gets away with a lot of mischief with impunity because high government officials are well entertained at his luxury villas in Val Mer. Even his private jets have even been used by high government officials on their private overseas travels in the past. It all stinks of CORRUPTION at the highest level! It is high time that the message is passed to this Arab that SEYCHELLES IS FOR SEYCHELLOIS, NOT ARABS, and the time of his flouting our laws is OVER!

By Jacques Pool