Wednesday, January 25, 2017


LD622, LD1097 and LD1103 are 3 more plots of the infamous 40 that SPPF/Parti Lepep amassed for peanuts. This was first revealed by now LDS MNA Flory Larue in her campaign PPB for Anse Royale back in August 26th 2016. These go along with LD730, LD702 and LD704. A famous nightclub called La Noche once existed on LD622. La Digue has truly been milked by Parti lepep and there’s no proof the peanuts were actually transferred to Government coffers.

Now the honeymoon period is over; the good guy act is just that, an act. So far on these issues Danny4 the fourth President of Seychelles hasn’t walked the talk; in fact he’s in deep comatose on the 40 plots of SPPF/ Parti Lepep land grab. Nothing is being done!

He tells everybody to be transparent and accountable; but apparently forgot to include himself. Is Danny4 really working for Seychelles or just pretending to? His history is one of putting Parti Lepep first on his priority list. Parti lepep abused their power; that is corruption. Danny4 signed many of these land transfer documents to SPPF/Parti Lepep. Will he now reverse these abuses in the interest of Seychelles?