Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The marina and hotel development project at Grand Police has really angered the people of Seychelles and has awakened many from their long slumbers. The Grand Police project is nothing else but a pack of discordant lies and deception by the previous government of James Michel.

The land on which the hotel and marina is to be built belonged to a Seychellois, specifically the Deltel family. It was acquired by this same government during the one party state in the national interest. After the army moved out,  it seems Arabs turned out to be the owners of the land and government made available a group of SPDF personnel to secure the land so that no Seychellois could have access to it. Our own people, own government had been denying us the right to what is ours by birth; unimpeded access to the beach.

The government announced in 2007 that it had sold the land, which is just under a million square metres, to Loomington Investments for a hotel development project. This is about a quarter of La Digue. Nobody really knows exactly who Loomington are, as the company’s real owners are hidden behind an offshore company in British Virgin Islands.  Ever since, there have been a lot of speculations about what was really happening. The concerned citizens, wanting to preserve the area, searched for information as best they could. Government found it appropriate to play the game of cat and mouse.

T575 covers the area at the southernmost tip of Mahe where two of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles are situated; Petite Police and Grand Police. It also has landmarks of extreme historical importance; the lighthouse, the plantation house and associated edifices. With possibly the largest wetland on the island with an immaculate ecosystem, the area is also a sanctuary for sea turtle nesting.  Say no to grand police hotel!