Wednesday, June 21, 2017


LD555 (yes ironically 555) was sold to the MNA for Inner Islands in 2003 for peanuts from L`Union Estate company Ltd; a government owned parastatal.

In 2010 whilst owning LD555 the MNA for Inner Islands managed to purchase a luxury condominium on Mahe at Chateau Vallon in English River from the Housing Finance Company Ltd(HFC); also a government owned financial body. These apartments were supposed to be allocated to returning graduates.  It is important to note that this went against the well published government land allocation policy and this transfer of the luxury condominium was signed by Charles Bastienne.

In 2014 the Inner Island MNA sold LD555 for SR1.1million thus making a cool SR1 million plus profit. She laughed all the way to the bank on the back of L`Union Estate. Now we know why she indicated in her intervention on the 7th of June  that L`Union Estate is very effective; she benefitted from it! She has a million reasons why it is effective. Corruption is defined as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain”. This situation was revealed in the National Assembly’s` 3 week record-breaking motion on La Digue brought by the Leader of the opposition.

Sophola had stated in her election campaign that “I will ensure that La Digue gets a new school and hospital, both with modern facilities” however she recently flip flopped on these promises claiming it is not a priority as modern facilities doesn’t help in the care of patients. Sophola is from a diehard SPUP family, claiming even as far back as 1983 she was Executive member in the district.

Abuse of government land must be no longer tolerated and it is time for the people of La Digue to ask her to resign; manrten!