Friday, November 24, 2017


Hon Ferrari had just brought up the issue of the kiosks being built at ex-Flamboyant. Although no planning permission has officially been granted completion of the newly named Village de Flamboyant is almost complete; the soft opening was on the 10th of August as reported by local newspapers. This is not the scam.

The scam is that the land belongs to Parti Lepep and the rent for the kiosks range from SCR3,500 to SCR10,000 depending on the size. That is the scam.

Here`s an excerpt from the article from Today newspaper on the 3rd of August.

“The project manager overseeing the work being done is Darryl Lefournour. He explained to TODAY that their plan to develop the place is big. “These kiosks will be occupied by different small businesses. For instance, we will have a ‘Braid Bar’, a florist, places for food like chicken and chips and pizza. There will also be a place where fresh fruits and vegetables will be sold. A few kiosks will be selling clothes, shoes and bags, toys, potted plants, spare parts for motorcycles and scooters. In addition to that, a retail outlet for electronics will also be stationed here,” he revealed.

He said that they will be initiating a lot of activities to attract people in the area. “For instance, during the Creole Festival we have plans to turn this place into a Creole Village where we can have Creole activities throughout the festival. We will also be targeting other national events,” he said. Mr. Lefournour added, “other than that, throughout the year there are different days which are celebrated across the country (example Women’s Day, Children’s Day, HIV/AIDS Day, Environment Day, etc.) and we are planning to bring these in as well. Another project ongoing in the same area is the renovation of the ground floor of the Ex-Flamboyant Discotheque. This space, Mr. Lefournour said, will be an event hall which members of the public can rent for different functions.”