Sunday, February 11, 2018


Is this agreement yet another example of an economic crime against the people of Seychelles?

On the 20th of December 1994 The Government of Seychelles leased 11 islands to a private company, Island Development Company Limited (IDC) for 99 years for the yearly rent of SR1. Sometime later Astove, Assumption and St Pierre were added to the original agreement making a total of 14 islands in all. IDC was supposed to develop the islands. The kind of development was never clear and ordinary Seychellois was always in the dark. Because the ordinary Seychellois were in the dark to this day, I guess they were happy enough that once a year they got birds eggs from those islands, until about two or three years ago when we were told that helicopters were needed to transport the eggs and that was why none was available. Nevertheless, there was a plan why the 14 islands were leased to IDC. The plan was to transfer the assets of IDC to another Limited company in the British Virgin Islands at a later date but fortunately the plan failed. This never made any sense to anyone until one understands that this was “attempted theft”.

The original 1994 lease agreement

Seychellois lost the benefit of his 14 islands to some dollar millionaires. We are not even allowed to set foot there. Many fishermen have complained about being denied a place to “maske” during rough weather conditions because they are chased off by armed guards.

Despite the ordinary Seychellois not benefitting in any way whatsoever from the “development” taking place on these 14 islands, up until recently millions of rupees of our tax money was poured into IDC every year. Is this not an economic crime perpetrated against the people of Seychelles?

For the last 40 years the SPUP/SPPF/Parti Lepep regime has been committing crimes against its citizens, however this one cannot be forgiven by the people. So what is the crime this time? Is it one of committing fraud on an international level? The signed renegotiated agreement between the Seychelles Government and the Indian Government for a military base on Assumption has yet to reach the National Assembly for ratification; the military base is now disguised as a joint venture. Where was India when our EEZ was infested with pirates? The UNODC and EU came to our rescue. For any agreement to have legal validity, it needs valuable consideration. What is the consideration for this Agreement? India gets its military base on Seychelles soil to counteract China’s military base in Djibouti and Seychelles gets WHAT? The use of a military base to wage war against the tuna, turtles and dolphins in our waters when we are attacked by them?

The Leader of the opposition may have used a couple of loose words on a recent trip to India but LDS is a movement grander than any one person. LDS is not like Parti Lepep and they are not rigid and deaf on the People of Seychelles. In principle, LDS is against any foreign military base in Seychelles and like the campaign song, it is clear the deal upon reaching the assembly should be “Zet Anba”. Danny Faure, the Unelected President of Seychelles, stated his belief in transparency, but now his Administration is being exposed as a perpetrator of yet another economic crime against the citizens, because we do not see the benefit for the ordinary Seychellois. They keep losing out.  The revised agreement has never been made public and this lack of transparency has caused massive confusion in the population. Furthermore, LDS must also ensure that the original agreement by the Michel administration is made public.

The benefit to Seychelles of having a military base on its soil does not make any sense except of course to those who might have benefitted in some way or another from it. Just out of curiosity who drafted the Agreement?

IDC website
Once again and very recently, in an interview with the Editor in Chief of Today in Seychelles, Raj Meetarbhan, on 28th of March 2017, The CEO of IDC confirms the ownership of Assumption. Therefore, any agreement for Assumption and the Indian Government should have been between the Lessee, IDC and the Indian Government. It is very strange that the CEO of IDC has been very quiet. Is the agreement between the Seychelles Government and the Indian Government not worth the paper it is printed on? Is this agreement another economic crime against the people of Seychelles?  India get its military base  and we get the birds eggs!!! It is clear some public officials are more suited to the Magic Circus of Samoa. It is also clear that the Danny Faure Administration will not make it to 2020.

CEO of IDC confirms ownership in interview with Today in Seychelles

The people must insist on the immediate removal of the Danny Faure Administration as this could be the biggest embarrassment internationally for Seychelles of all time. Lastly, is IDC Ltd wholly owned by the Government of Seychelles? If it is, why was IDC incorporated in the first place? However, be that as it may technically and legally any agreement regarding Assumption must be signed by the CEO of that limited company, the Lessee. The CEO was nowhere to be seen. End of Story!

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