Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The two faced and inconsistent Editor of the Seychelles Weekly is at it again. After first claiming that “they were pressurizing the Interim Leader to launch personal attacks on certain businessmen through the Seychelles Weekly but he refused”, the corrupt Editor, on the 19th of September, contradicted himself as usual by publishing an article on the Marco Francis forged degree certificate. All this after allegedly a huge brown envelope had exchanged hands; the paymaster is livid at the two faced editor as no refund will be forthcoming. The editor will do anything for money. Below are excerpts from the Seychelles Weekly article of that week:
I am bewildered by the way the ‘Dr Marco Fanny’ debacle has been conveniently swept under the carpet by the Michel Administration. Even the local media houses have been very prudent, for good measure in addressing the saga. Are we going down the slippery slope towards a failed State where administrative malpractice and corruption is now so common that it has become ‘acceptable’ to us the silent majority? To falsify a University degree is not only a case of forgery and counterfeiting, but it is a felony i.e a serious criminal offence punishable by law in most modern democracies. That the culprit forms part of the “Famous 14” who have in the words of President Michel distinguished themselves in their respective fields. In which field has this fraudster distinguished himself? He seems to be carrying on with business as usual as if no wrong doing has been committed. We hear of many cases of corrupt and deceitful practice in the country that we have learnt to live with it; so to speak; hoping that one day the electorate will wake up, see the light and throw this governing lot of greedy fat cats out on the street.
 What sizzles one’s bacon is the fact that this case of the forgery of a degree from the University of Durham in UK is so open and blatant and that no action seems to have been taken by the authorities in Government. It is an insult to all those of us who believe in professionalism and honest and ethical administrative practice. Would this have been tolerated in our neighbouring Island of Mauritius; where there is a strong and robust opposition that keeps not only Government but the business sector on its toes? Again Mauritius like South Africa has a very open free and watchful media that will take any government employee to task wherever they sniff that any deceitful and unacceptable act is uncovered. Sadly in Seychelles we cannot expect very much from the National Assembly as the so- called opposition is a ‘Joke’.
 Many Seychellois feel bitter disappointment that one of the ‘offenders’ in the Saga is a senior staff in the Ministry of Finance. We dared raise our hope when the Minister pontificated that he would make it a point to address corrupt practices in the country. What legacy are you leaving behind in Finance? And what about your conscience? One more time we may be witnessing yet another case where Government officials are bent on furthering their own agenda with little regard for the interests of the very people and country they are supposed to serve.

Steve Fanny has also publicly been caught contradicting himself. In a statement to a national newspaper he stated “ I did everything necessary. The issue was discussed lengthily by the board. We had no evidence to take any legal action with the individual”. Clearly lying through his teeth.

In addition, Fanny indicated that other board members had expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the investigation. This is in stark contrast to what former board members are revealing. One former insider source claims that no documents were ever shown at the meetings and that recommendations had been not to issue any license to any company Marco Francis was in the process of submitting an application.

The forged degree certificate was even cited in the Supreme court case of Celine Francis against the Seychelles International Business Authority in 2009 in regards to the application of an offshore license.

President Michel had stated back in 2004 at his inaugural speech that “I see a society where there is no place for corruption and favouritism”. So like he asked, he will be judged by his actions. Furthermore, the President will be now be seen as undistinguished by the rest of the population by his attempts at sweeping this matter under carpet.

By A.Pierre