Thursday, October 30, 2014


Many Sri Lankans have reportedly been swindled in the Seychelles by two persons namely Robert Piksa and Marco L Francis of Seychelles.

They have allegedly cheated many Sri Lankan businessmen promising deals in the Seychelles and obtaining funds, starting from exporting fish to Sri Lanka, opening up offshore companies and bank accounts for money laundering were some of the rackets the duo were allegedly involved in.

Robert Piksa a Czech Republic citizen has reportedly cheated many people around the globe starting from Europe, Thailand, Russia and now Sri Lanka and is on the verge of getting de ported from the Seychelles.

It is learnt that he pretends to be the consultant of the Czech prime minister and has cheated Sri Lankan businessmen in various deals mainly in exporting fish.

A senior official at the Bank of Ceylon Seychelles branch has reportedly fallen prey to Robert Piksa’s wheeler dealings.

The official from the Bank of Ceylon Seychelles branch had reportedly started business with Piksa in exporting fish to Sri Lanka as well as working on money laundering businesses with Robert and his partner Marco L Francis.

According to reports, Marco L Francis a prominent figure in the Seychelles and the president of the Seychelles chamber of commerce is one of the main culprits in forming offshore companies and bank accounts for money laundering and providing illegal dealing for rouge companies around the world and Sri Lankan politicos.

With Marco L Francis position in the Seychelles chamber it has been easy for the duo to promote themselves in attracting foreigners (Local Sri Lankans) to send them money with no agreement but only on trust to start off businesses.

Rober Piksa had always been the front end and Marco playing a silent role from the back to make sure the investors money dossiers.

It’s also understood that Peter Sinon the Minister of Natural resources and Fisheries of Seychelles a very close friend of Robert Piksa has ‎promoted Piska by attending business meetings with the businessmen from Sri Lanka and other countries to give more confidence in trusting the duo and going in to partnerships.

We will continue to update on any new developments in this regard.