Saturday, November 29, 2014


By George Chang-Tave

I fully support the motion to reinstate the 1976 Seychelles National Flag. I strongly believe this should get louder and louder and we should never give up on it. The 1976 Seychelles National Flag is the only true legitimate flag of Seychelles. No-one, no matter which government should ever be allowed to change or tamper with it. There is no question that the Flag our Seychelles flew on the day of its independence, the day of the birth of the Seychellois Nation, should remain forever its National Flag. Seychelles Independence Day is and should forever remain the greatest day in the history of Seychelles; there is no doubt about it.

Everything pertaining to this day of such importance should never be allowed to be torn apart from it. Doing so would mean tearing apart the very fabric of the Seychellois Nation. Furthermore, to tear apart any of the attributes of the Independence day 1976, amounts to the worst insult to the dignity of Seychelles. It is all part of the act of treason committed on Seychelles on the 5th June 1977. These were the first things, that were attacked and attempted to be distorted immediately after the coup d'├ętat anyone responsible of such crime should be tried for treason. The Seychelles National Flag 1976 represents so much of Seychelles history and its people.

Albert Rene swearing allegiance to the First Republic; only to commit treason 11 months later
The National Flag should be the most sacred emblem of any nation. The current flag represents a political party. Just like the SPUP->turned SPPF->turned PL, they've changed the flag along as they've disguised themselves (it makes sense you see - there is consistency - the changes SPPF did to their party, they also changed the nations national emblems to suit their needs - everything may not have happened on the same day, but it transpires to be so). The National Flag should be far above partisan politics.

If you look around in the world, in most decent countries (democracies), like the US, UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Germany, India, Kenya, Jamaica even Mauritius, (except in some banana republics) whenever they make political changes, they NEVER EVER change their flag, because their flag is their nations' identity. When a country changes its National flag too many times, it suggests their nation's foundation is not solid. If you look around in the world, you will notice that the well established democracies have had their flags for centuries. Moreover, most of the countries that changed their flags after it was taken by force, are now returning to their original flags, like Libya, Tunisia, (the Syrian opposition use the country's original flag) the former eastern bloc countries that became part of the larger communist federations, such as Ukraine and Georgia, and all the former Yugoslav federation nations etc. to name just a few, have all gone back to their original flags. To return the Seychelles 1976 National Flag is one of the most important transitions Seychelles needs to make if it wants to make a first step to uniting the nation.