Thursday, November 6, 2014


The national human rights commission (NHRC) has taken a whole year to respond to a simple letter of complaint on human rights violation and illegal arrest. This shows the incompetency of the chairperson of the NHRC who earns over SCR70,000 a month. Her actions are highly detrimental to the promotion of respect for human rights in Seychelles.

On top of that the letter was dated 12th September; left the Office on the 24th October, received by the post office on the same date and delivered that very same day. From the moment the letter was typed on 12/9, it took the NHRC six weeks to have it posted on 24/10; an impressive record of inefficiency. If only the lawyers would be as efficient as the postmen. They are also unaware that for over a year The New Democratic has changed its name; although the two offices are practically next door. Thorough investigation!

The letter from the chairperson could easily be construed as a national joke. It devalues Seychelles society and it is a travesty to our nascent democracy. How does Dora Zatte get away with that kind of mediocrity?

The lady, a lawyer herself, makes a mockery of the interpretations of the law by stating that she is of the “opinion that the police were acting within the remit of their powers, more specifically that of arresting and detaining members of the public in the prevention of the commission of an offence” What total gibberish especially remembering the fact that the illegally arrested were in fact invited to the police station.

The people, who sat on the wall by the clock tower with banners around their necks reading “Annou repran nou pei” on the 30th September were exercising their constitutional rights-plain and simple. They had not broken any law and should not have been interfered with by the police. NO CRIME WAS COMMITTED.

The complainants were never approached for their version of events by the NHRC and yet they stated that it was a lengthy investigation; who did they speak to?

The stance as taken by the NHRC on this particular incident gives rise to the belief that Seychelles in 2014 is still being run by some like the days of the one party era.