Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Car owners are being punished for their hard work, the SNP leader has indicated. All car owners and the public in general are invited to join in for us to protest on Monday 29th December against the new taxes on cars. It will start at 4pm at the Stadium Carpark going towards the clock tower, Central Police Station, Quincy Street, Immaculate Conception, Albert Street and back to the Stadium Car Park.

The leader of the Seychelles National Party (SNP), Wavel Ramkalawn, has notified the Commissioner of Police, Ernest Quatre and the protest march is on. The public procession will be a “protest march against the new increased taxes of car owners”, Mr Ramkalawan said in his notification to the Commissioner.  A 67% increase in road tax is set to come into effect on the 1st of January 2015 as well as a 50% increase in levy of new cars. All Parti Lepep National Assembly members voted for the increase without consulting their constituents that elected them.

Mr Ramkalawan`s call was heard and debated on Social Media and if support his posts have received is anything to go by, there will be a good turnout; even some coming all the way from La digue.  “Let`s show them that the Seychellois people are not afraid”, he called.

“The budget for 2015 targets vehicle owners in a nasty way” Mr Ramkalawan opined, saying it was important to “make our views known. We cannot be punished for having invested in a vehicle. We have done that for our families. We have to stand up against such discrimination”, he said.

The people who will be affected by this are “all workers who have made well-calculated sacrifies”  Mr Ramkalawan stated this os how new taxes will affect car owners. “Today a person who has a 1200cc vehicle is charged the following: SR150 at the testing station+ SR1800 for road tax=SR1950. As of 2015, the person will be charged: SR300 at the testing station and SR3000 for road tax = SR3300. A difference of SR1350”

“Is that fair? How many car owners will receive a salary increase of SR 1350 in 2015? Mr Ramkalawan said.