Monday, November 2, 2015


Prisoners being detained at the prison on Marie Louise Island are claiming that they are being threatened by the authorities on the island.

This week, LSH got a call from a family member of one of the detainees saying her brother has alleged to her that he had been threatened with a pistol.

“My brother is fearful of his life and so am I”, explained the sister.

According to the sister, the issue got out of hand after her brother had inquired about the fish they are being fed because of the dead fish phenomenon currently facing the country. In a letter sent earlier this year to LSH, prisoners complained about their diet, which composed mainly of fish and conserved food.

“My brother has made his mistake and is doing his time, but I don’t see why the authorities at the prison should use their pistols to threaten his life.”

The sister told LSH that she has called the office of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Charles Bastienne, to report the incident. This was on Tuesday and she said she spoke to the secretary.

LSH has also learnt that this incident is not an isolated case and that many other prisoners are being threatened with arms.

The prisoners on Marie Louise have also complained about many issues from a lack of health officers on the island, potable water and their diet.

Prisoners on Marie Louise can only see their relatives twice a year. They are brought down to Mahé by plane.

Since its creation in 2012, the Marie Louise prison has had two heads as the first one, Ronald Ernesta, resigned earlier this year. He has been replaced by Felix Flore.

LSH sent an email to the Personal Assistant of the Minister for Internal Affairs in which Miss Beryl Pillay replied that the “content is well noted” and she “will bring the matter to the attention of Minister Bastienne and will revert in due course.”

Source: Le Seychellois Hebdo