Thursday, November 19, 2015


Seychelles Party for Social Justice & Democracy (SPSD) is asking for a full investigation into the corrupt land deal of H8822 involving Christian Lionnet and his brother that was sold for SR1. The Minister must resign with immediate effect.

Are these music studios?
Earlier this year on En Moman avek Prezidan, James Michel stated that corruption is just a perception and political propaganda.  He also asked the people of Seychelles to provide proof so he can crack down on these people. Here is the proof and here is your chance Mr President. The people of Seychelles will judge you by your actions.

The Scam
The well published land allocation policy of this government is one piece of land per person or if you have (private) land already you cannot get government land. It seems this policy went out of the window on this SR1 land scam. The brother of Minister Lionnet already had land before this transaction, namely H2684 and H8110. H8110 was sub divided to H8352 and later sold. They even attempted to mask the corruption by adding a condition that the “property shall be used solely for the purpose of a residential music studio”. The people of Seychelles do not like to be taken as fools anymore. Christian Lionnet must resign!

By A.Pierre