Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dear Mr President

I am tired of being informed that my son, Cyril, is being threatened in all manner of ways by persons known or unknown to you. He was exiled for fifteen years because he would have been dead had he stayed on in Seychelles. As a mother, it was the most difficult time of my life to be separated from my son but he finally came back and even though he does his best to live a normal life, it is evident that some people are intent on making his life and the life of the Lau Tee family miserable. Notwithstanding, my late husband contributed his best to this country economically but after you and others took over the country by force, his life changed for the worse following constant intimidation from the regime you are part of.

I know the pain of losing a son and I know you do as well. However, you took the responsibility to offer this nation security but failed and as a result of your failure, I lost my son. He was ruthlessly murdered a decade ago and my family still mourns his passing. The government you head has failed miserably to bring the culprits to justice; or is it because my son was a Lau Tee?

My loving son murdered and you have failed to bring the culprits to justice
I simply want to publicly inform you that should anything happen to Cyril, I will not hesitate to lay the blame on you and your government. I will do whatever it takes to defend my children and I suppose you would do the same.

A devoted Seychellois mother

Ormonde Lau-Tee (Mrs)