Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We are aware you have not been at your best lately but we understand. You see, Sir, we haven’t been at our best for years either because of you. We have been constantly tormented by an elevated cost of living and our land has continually been occupied by strangers. Once we had all the money and all the land; now we have neither money nor land. All have been taken away from us by you and redistributed; we never featured in the redistribution list. What a pity!

Constitution killers
We now have to squeeze for space on what is left of our beaches as we discuss the plight of our brothers and sisters sardined in overcrowded prisons. You promised our youth light but they trod the path of darkness; prostituted, drugged and drunk. You promised us freedom but mothers weep as their sons and daughters are whipped and chased because of the white powder you said you would eliminate. You guaranteed us expression but assented to laws that prevent us from being what we want to be.

We entrusted you with our parastatals but you used it to suffocate private enterprises. You have failed to exercise good governance by ensuring that the accounts of the parastatals are made public and subjected to our scrutiny. Sir, you have forgotten that we, the shareholders of Air Seychelles, Seypec, SPTC and PUC demand some respect. You pleaded us for the job and we gave it to you but you forgot that you are the employee and we are the employer.

You called on us to judge you by your actions; we have. We concluded that the actions you took are detrimental to our health, communities and the nation as a whole. You have compromised our sovereignty and integrity. We have unanimously decided that you must be fired from your job. We will recruit someone who understands the job better. YOU ARE OUT!!