Friday, December 4, 2015


A golden opportunity awaits us all, a golden day will dawn on us all, a golden era is in the making.  Many have slogged, laboured and toiled for what is to come, for what this country deserves.  We have all been pilgrims on this long journey to break from our dark past.  Some are no more with us whilst their beliefs live on.  We salute them.  We will remember them!  Some began their mission for change from when the blazing star was eclipsed.  Some started a little after.  Some well after, and some very recently.     But the purpose remains the same.  To right what was wrong and what is still wrong.   Finally, our nation have rediscovered its moral compass.

Along the journey, men showed their true colours.  Some have cheated from what they once preached.  Some have succumbed to the lure of what shines.  Some have discovered their weaknesses which they hardly thought existed within them.  Not everyone can keep faith with ideals.  Those are the ones who will never know victory, nor defeat.

But the true stalwarts plodded on, never giving up.  Stalwarts are born and not made.  And like a solo climber summiting a mountain, he/she who really qualifies to be a stalwart is truly known only by him/her. 

We have all travelled through the storm and we must focus on the future.    The past will be taught as history lessons to our children of tomorrow.  They should and must learn from that.  It's a powerful lesson that will cement how our country will be shaped for future generations to come.

Now comes the unforgiving minute.  The moment of decision.  You will arrive at your decision based on what has previously been uploaded in your hard drive.  You would have heard, seen, experienced, and most importantly, sensed.

Alexia Gertrude Amesbury has certainly demonstrated the strength of character as a person ready to take on herculean tasks.  This she accomplished six times taking President Michel's government to court, and won.  Uncompromisingly, she continued with regular court appearances during the campaign period demonstrating her unique ability to deal with numerous matters of urgency and importance.  The only politician who had to share her time between politics and service.  Her personal story makes her an indispensable leader in tackling the prevailing challenges of social justice that our country faces today.  As a leader at this crucial turning point, Alexia enjoys a lean team allowing her to build around her a cabinet of highly qualified individuals.  She owes no-one any favours.  As the Commander in Chief of our armed forces, Alexia will benefit in having close support and advice from her Vice-Presidential candidate, Roy Fonseka.  Alexia is a unifying figure, a useful ingredient in ensuring a smooth transition.  Above all, Alexia presents a team and 'A CHOICE YOU CAN TRUST.'       

We now await the final hour, for ‘Our Refreshed Seychelles’ -  ‘A Seychelles for All.’  God Bless Seychelles Our Beloved Country.