Monday, January 25, 2016


Dear FB friends,

I am referring to Mr. Joel Morgan’s publication made on Facebook page “Lari Bazar” in regards to my speech on the Lalyans Seselwa PPB (Party Political Broadcast) the night before the first round of Presidential elections.

I have a clear and loud message for Mr. Joel Morgan. I have never been and will never be afraid of my own shadow. The least I expected from Mr. Morgan was a formal apology for not doing his job as requested by President James Michel after my visit with him at the State House. Mr. Morgan, you are a public servant and you are earning your fat salary from the tax payers money. You failed to deliver and please do not come back to me to tell me that you are going to sue me. You have the right and please check with President James Michel and prove me wrong. It was in the presence of Mr. Alain Butler Payette that President James Michel confirmed your name as the Minister who would come to Praslin to follow- up on my request of land exchange in lieu of money for the land acquired by P.U.C. for reservoirs at Mont Plaisir, Praslin.

I do not want to believe that President James Michel would have mistaken you for Mr. Jacquelin Dugasse as you claim.

Mr. Joel Morgan, my advice to you is that you attentively listen once again to my speech on the Lalyans Seselwa PPB because I never confirmed at any instant during my speech that you stole the land, I did say that you came to Praslin as I was promised by the President James Michel to meet up with me for finalizing the land exchange.

To the contrary, you came to Praslin and got yourself a property at Marie Jeanne, Praslin where you have built yourself two blocks of flats which you were renting to La Reserve Hotel and now to Le Domaine de La Reserve. I quoted that I heard but do not know whether it is true that Mr. Joel Morgan paid only one Seychelles rupee for the parcel.

I also said something else which was not broadcasted. I emphasized that my land was not a state land and that I went to work in Kenya to pay for my land. It was in Nairobi that I almost lost my life when I was attacked by carjackers. When I was there working in this dangerous country to settle the payment of this property, the P.U.C. took the advantage of my absence to take my property for building reservoirs without my consent. “ You all people that commented negatively against me after that Mr. Joel Morgan published his post in Lari Bazar find it normal that I am still begging on my knees to the government to exchange a piece of state land in lieu of financial settlement. I was offered only one hundred and thirty eight thousand rupees for the said land which I refused. My property is in the vicinity of Le Lemuria five-star Resort with an eighteen-hole golf course. I find the offer inappropriate and I will never accept it.

 Mr. Joel Morgan, please let me remind you that this has been going on for the last fifteen years and I am still here waiting to this land exchange from the government in vain. I know for sure multiple same cases which have been dealt with in no time and accordingly. How much patience can a man have? Is it not a shame for PARTI LEPEP to turn people into beggars for their own legitimate rights. I woke up daily and “ debrouye “ as you all often say to buy my land. It is a real disgrace....

It is not a favour that I am begging for; it is simply my right as the legitimate owner of this land acquired by P.U.C. I pay all my P.U.C. Bills well on time monthly. P.U.C. is a profitable corporation and I am pretty sure that in the event that I do not settle my bills on time, disconnection will take effect.

To cut the long story short; it is crystal clear in my mind that someone is looking for sympathy and mercy here. Please whoever it is do your utmost to get your point right and clear.

 Mr. Morgan, for your information as stipulated in your post I do not have any records for being a liar, nor defame and lie through my teeth. I have no intention to be one any time soon. Mr Morgan, I hope that you find a little time to read my note through. Mr. Morgan I have the impression that you want to justify your act of failing to deliver instead of seeing the real claim and my problem face to face...

I am shocked to learn from Mr. Morgan that there are several plots of land in the same vicinity that have been similarly developed. I personally cannot find any other development in the same area apart from the two blocks built by Mrs. Morgan. Mr. Morgan, please prove me wrong. Mr. Joel Morgan I had no intention what so ever to destroy your character nor of others. I simply said the truth.

 I do not know how you do it Mr. Morgan, saying that this is your wife’s business. You want to make me and the readers believe that you are unaware of your spouse business and you simply turned the blind eye.

 I have read all your comments of sympathy after your post was published and I have one and only message for them…..

 Not a single one of them could at least say to Mr. Morgan that this guy is right for having waited for 15 years in vain. They were all also deaf when I delivered my speech on Lalyans Seselwa’s PPB.

Hey guys “ your comments did not turn me neither hot nor cold.”

 I have a special mention for Mr. Gustave De Commarmond. Thank you for your comment of which I appreciated immensely. “Lock him up and throw away the keys.” You better keep dreaming.

 I earn my respect through my hard work and dignity. This no one can take away from me. I have got news for you....

Should anyone find the necessity for further clarifications, please do not hesitate to call me on 2516023.

I look forward to your phone calls.

Achille Savy

Editor’s note:The above was posted in Gossip corner in reply to Minister Morgan’s post following the author’s PPB but was sadly removed by the administrators of the group.

Source: Seychelles Weekly