Friday, January 22, 2016


For many Christians, we started the New Year 2016 on a rather sad note. The virulent attacks on Bishop James, the Anglican Bishop, were absolutely uncalled for if not shameful for the majority of Seychellois. The attacks came principally from the Michelites who are self-styled bloggers in the social media under the name ‘Lari Bazar’. I am well aware that this page on social media was started by the wannabe first lady and her ‘bosom sister’. They were joined by like-minded activists particularly the two big shots in the National Assembly. In truth I do not visit this filthy page as I was well informed that the contents and comments by the activists were most times debased.

However, a few days ago, I was curious to get a feel of what was being said about the good bishop. Frankly, I was quite shocked by not only the violence of the attacks on Bishop James but also the xenophobic undertone of the comments To add insult to injury, at least two of the commentators hold high post in government/society. I am all for freedom of speech and have been actively encouraging our young activists in Lalyans Seselwa to write and express their dissatisfaction and disagreement where this so called government is treating us as morons as lately we have had to listen to a senior police officer attempting to explain the status of the investigation as for the Bel Ombre skull is concerned. Do we need a doctorate in psychology to know when someone is lying…? To go back to Bishop James, the men who obviously saw red after reading the interview in Today newspaper even brought in Bishop Denis and Bishop French for good measure rather than concentrating on the good that the Catholic and Anglican clergy have done to ensure a peaceful and civilised process during the 2015 Presidential Elections, they continued to harp on the fact that Bishop James and Bishop Denis are Mauritians!

As a Christian leader does Bishop James not have a right to say what he feels is good for the country in which he has been called to work in the service of Christ? If people are being easily bought left, right and centre, is it not the duty of Bishop French to remind them of their dignity, the need for them to remember that they have to live with their conscience thereafter? We have just been through the dirtiest and most unbecoming election process in the country’s history and it would be worth reminding the nation that if there is one organisation that is non-political and that has played a major role in ensuring that the whole process developed peacefully, it is the church. There was no scaremongering emanating from them. Rather, there were prayers offered for peace and homilies that called for calm, tolerance and civility.

As far as I can recall and I stand to be corrected, not once has James Michel gone on national television to call for unity, tolerance and peace prior to the Seychellois going to the polls. What was abundantly in evidence was the large number of hired vehicles presumably paid for by state resources that was part of an elaborate machinery to create fear amongst the population; especially the opposition activists and supporters.

Before I end, may I congratulate Bishop James for having had the fortitude for doing the righteous and speaking the truth. This is what a soldier of Christ has to stand for. I know that you will remain unfazed by those below-the –belt and cheap personal insults and attacks and I know that you will continue to lead your flock with characteristic faith and devotion. And to those ‘artists’ of ‘Lari Bazar’.. .. I do not read your diatribe but I take comfort in the fact that many of the young supporters of Lalyans think very poorly of you. This young generation of Seychellois are not only educated and with above average IQ; they are also well balanced with well above average EQ (Emotional Quotient). The misfits in our society are those who continue to indulge in insults, filth and diatribe.