Monday, February 8, 2016


Francis Monchouguy was only 19 years of age when he disappeared mysteriously and to this day there is no trace of his body. At such a young age he had not had been given the opportunity to live his life as a teenager and although he did not enjoy the use of a lap top or a mobile phone his pleasures were no less enjoyable as a teenager growing up in Pointe Larue.   The skull recently found in Bel Ombre, which the police is hiding the revelation of its DNA until after the Presidential elections is a shameful act on the part of the Commissioner of Police who is no doubt taking his orders from the big house on the hill.

Francis Monchouguy
One afternoon on 20 December 1991 Francis told his mum he wanted to go and buy something in the shop and at 19 he did not require to be chaperoned especially in a country like Seychelles where we know each other.  He went to the shop but he never returned and when his father Paul Monchouguy, who was the Democratic Party Representative for Pointe Larue went to the police station, they told him they had to wait 24 hours before they could consider Francis a Missing Person then they will act. 

That night his father went round the District of Pointe Larue making enquiries and he was told by several people that they saw Francis being asked to get into a car but they did not have the description of the car nor could they see the driver but they were of the opinion that there was a woman in the car whom Francis appeared to know and she was talking to Francis beckoning him to come into the car.  In those days people feared for their life and even if they knew who took Francis away and killed him and disposed of his body they would not give any names. Such was the barbaric state of Seychelles in the years following the Coup D’├ętat and today the same people who took part in taking the country at the point of a gun have the bloody nerve to come on TV and smile at us telling us they have saved Seychelles and we are doing very nicely when our country is bankrupted and we cannot repay our International Loans and our national debt stands at 65% of our GDP. Who do they think they are kidding?

They got away with murder and now they want us to idolise them and thank them for our current economic turmoil. Francis had nothing to do with politics and if they were real men they would have tried to deal with his father but instead they chose a weak target because they are cowards and they will burn in hell for what they have done to Francis.  The Chang Tave and the Monchouguy families want to know what really happened to Francis so that they can bring closure to their loss. Until this happens a curse has been placed on those who took Francis’ life away and the perpetrators including those who gave the orders will perish a slow death as their punishment. They have no shame and no integrity and so far they have not shown one iota of courage and seek forgiveness for their misdemeanours.  We are ready to forgive but we will never forget.

Francis is my nephew and I have promised my sister, who has now passed away, that I will do my best to find out what really happened to her son. Nowadays one lives in hope and retaliation is not an option because one bad deed to try make up for another bad deed is not the answer and revenge can be avoided if the truth is told and forgiveness is exercised. Francis’ father, like all Seychellois, have the right to belong to any political party because this is one of our fundamental human rights guaranteed by our Constitution and by International Human Rights Treaties. Gone are the days when Seychellois would shiver in their skin at the sight of a few army people exercising along the road in their uniforms carry guns or a few boats in the harbour moving around aimlessly trying to show their presence.  This kind of intimidation belongs to days gone by and does not instil fear in the people who now uses the Social Media to get their message across. We do not need SBC.

This year Francis would have been 43 years old. We hope that soon a new Government will be installed and a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be created and we will know the truth about Francis and his soul can rest in peace. The same can be said for all the souls whose life was ended prematurely following the Coup D’├ętat and the years that followed.  

Contributed by: Barry Laine.