Monday, February 8, 2016


In the last three decades, we as a nation have been living in fear. We are coming of age. We will not give in to victimization tactics. We are following our hearts, to be guided by our hearts, to steer us in the right direction, the bottom line is to ensure that we treat others the way we want to be treated.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears from our fathers, mothers and other compatriots got us to where we are at today. We cannot take lightly what they sacrificed to make us what we are today as a nation.

 One of our principles in Lalyans Seselwa is to encourage our citizens to be more active and engaged in the affairs (in all spheres) of the nation, especially where it concerns a government which treats us as morons. It is for this reason that I am this week writing about the Baie Lazare MNA saga.

 It is a fact that the petition asking the MNA to resign emanated from two lead activists from Lalyans Seselwa in Baie Lazare. Before they went around with the petition, the issue was discussed in our weekly meetings of district representatives. We all felt that they should go ahead and get the inhabitants of Baie Lazare to sign the petition.

There are different ways of making one’s concerns heard, as in a protest march and other tools. A petition is probably the tool that is most likely to not to end up with silence, arrest or even incarceration. The bottom line is that we have to speak up when it comes to our rights and freedoms.

We in Lalyans Seselwa have taken a pledge that we will not be silent when we see and witness gross violation of our rights and freedoms by the ruling party. I have been asked why are we targeting Wilby Lucas? As leader of Lalyans Seselwa I have to categorically state that it was never our intention to target Wilby personally, or his immediate family! In my time as a member of the SPPF, I got to know Wilby well. Both he and his wife served the country as true professionals in Anse Boileau and Baie Lazare.

I am well aware that Mr. Lucas has helped many a client and common person in legal matter, where and when said clients were unable to afford usual legal fees. In that sense he must be commended for putting his professional creed and his Christian compassion before his own financial gain or self-agrandisement. In that sense he is quite different from many in the legal fraternity.

 I am also aware that Mr. Lucas is currently facing grave health challenges and on that aspect, both on my personal behalf and on that of all activists and supporters of Lalyans Seselwa, we wish him God Speed and a full recovery to normalcy.

That said I would like to explain that the aim of the petition was more importantly to awaken the ruling party (to which Mr. Lucas belongs), the executive and the legislative to the plight of the Baie Lazare residents who have not had any representation in the National Assembly for more than two years!

Surely this cannot go on indefinitely. Normally, when a Seychellois worker goes on medical leave for more than 15 days, does he continue to get paid by the government or the private sector indefinitely? What is good for the goose must also be good for the gander!

Furthermore it is obvious that the ruling party did not see it fit and fair to assist Mr. Lucas and get him to vacate the National Assembly seat and hold a bi-election as was the case in Anse Aux Pins two or three years ago. After all Mr. Lucas has been a conscientious and devoted supporter of the SPPF for many years. This is one example of the ruling party abandoning its generals in their most dire hours of need!

It is surely a good sign that committed and engaged citizens are now standing up for their own rights and freedom and also boldly taking the executive and the legislature to task, where they are seen as failing in serving the very people they are being paid to serve!

This is particularly significant for a district in the South of Mahé which has traditionally been SPPF/Lepep. A sure sign that the winds of change are blowing in the south and the once mighty and fearsome ruling party, may be crumbling. 2016 is surely going to be a year of change. The time for fear of victimization and intimidation may well be behind us. We in Lalyans Seselwa will continue to fight and bring enlightenment and freedom for all the people of Seychelles.

In conclusion, may I once again wish Mr. Wilby Lucas and his family every good and God’s blessings for a full recovery.