Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Dear Sir,

I am sick of hearing Minister Morgan singing the praises of the “Strategic  Partnership Agreement”  between Etihad and Air Seychelles and how it has benefitted the country.

I have been the most frequent flyer that Air Seychelles Domestic has had for the last 10 or so years. I live on Praslin and for years I have travelled the Mahe, Praslin return trip every day. As a result of the very poor service I have had to rent accommodation on Mahe and these days I only travel to Praslin at weekends and I am sorry to tell Minister Morgan that for me a real benefit of this “strategic” partnership would at the very least be a service that is, at a minimum “satisfactory”

There is hardly a time when the flights leave on time or that there are sufficient flights to meet the demands of commuters. The only concerns of Air Seychelles/ Etihad is for tourists to make the connecting flights and the rest of us locals who have to get to work at 8 a.m or some other time can “swim” to Mahe and back.

If my flight from Mahe to Praslin is at 5: 40 on Friday evening is it too much to expect that the flight will leave on time? What happens if I have booked a taxi to pick me up and drop me at the jetty to make my connection to La Digue, will Air Seychelles/ Etihad pay for my overnight stay on Praslin or foot the bill for a private boat to take me to La Digue ?

I have used Air Seychelles Domestic services before the “Strategic Partnership Agreement” with Etihad and as a consumer I can tell you that the service has not improved, it has gone from bad to worse and despite all the technological and so called ‘state of the art” equipment allegedly installed, the underpaid workers have more often than not, had to rely on the old and trusted “manual” way of doing things.

The only saving grace is the professionalism and back breaking work performed by the staff at the check-in counters. I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate one and all, from porters to pilots for a thankless job because the abuse they get from angry and frustrated passengers is to be heard and seen to be believed. With the increased profits have the staff received a pay rise?  

Is the success of an airline judged simply by the profit margin? Does customer satisfaction not feature at all in the equation?  I was less critical of the service when it was operated by Air Seychelles because I had conditioned myself to accept the usual mediocre service but with the coming on board of Etihad and all the hype, I had expected a world class service which started  with each passenger being offered a little container of ice cold water but as with almost everything that Joel Morgan brokers, sooner or later it will flop and my sincere hope  as a passenger is that this “Strategic Partnership Disaster” is not renewed.

Finally if any one is planning on using Air Seychelles Domestic to get them to church on time for their wedding or to a loved one’s funeral please be advised that “DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THE FLIGHT HAS BEEN DELAYED FOR REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL SUCH AS:

1           We cannot retain our pilots because we under pay them so all our planes are sitting on the run way.
2             Our state of the art computers at the check-in counter have failed
3             Only one of our 5/6 planes is working.
4             Tower did not inform us that there are international flights landing / taking off so we cannot take off on time

We apologise for the delay and we hope that next time you will use an alternative  carrier.”

Yours sincerely ,

Alexia G. Amesbury