Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The overt participation of members of the security forces in political rallies is prohibited; the reasons are obvious. For many years attention has been drawn to the Electoral Commission regarding the participation of senior military officers in political rallies of the ruling party. It has even transpired in court that political campaigning is conducted in army barracks with the full knowledge and endorsement of the political leadership.

Lt Colonel Vincent Luther

The photos highlight the fact that the participation of senior members of the force in political rallies of Parti Lepep continues unabated with the support of President Michel. In fact Colonel Clifford Roseline is the military advisor to President Michel. It is to be recalled that he was instrumental in campaigning within barracks on behalf of President Michel during last year’s elections; an offence under the electoral law and a violation of the Defence Forces Regulations.

Colonel Clifford Roseline

Will the Electoral Commission or the President do anything about it?