Monday, April 27, 2015


Did President James Michel through Minister of Tourism, Alain St Ange,  orchestrate a fake terror plot by using the Carnival de Victoria to further their political agenda as their party`s popularity has completely crumbled? This is an old trick pulled by Governments around the world when popularity has collapsed; spread the fear and get the people to submit their rights to the government.  After all James Michel is an expert in fear mongering as was witnessed during the coup d’├ętat of 1977 and under the one party state era that followed.

It is alleged that St Ange together with the aid of released an article on Saturday April 25th claiming that “Seychelles authorities acted on an attempt to destabilize the country at today's carnival”. The article is still up on the website contrary to some claims. It has to be remembered STB PR and Marketing department have had very close links with ETurbonews for many years. It is apparent that STB pay a subscription to Eturbonews to push their press releases to Eturbonews worldwide audience.  Would this article have been released without prior knowledge from St Ange?


Twenty four hours later Eturbonews released another alleged sanctioned article titled “The president is attending: Seychelles shows resilience at the Carnival”.  This would have the effect of the President looking like a hero and boosting his crumbled popularity; a stage managed and manufactured show.

Michel strolling around carefree on the final day of the Carnival 
This was their final chance on a mass scale to spread fear amongst the Seychellois people before the upcoming elections; it has backfired and failed miserably. The Seychellois people must now turn around and show their discontent and vote out James Michel at the upcoming elections; Seychellois are fed up of being taken for a ride.

By A.Pierre