Monday, April 13, 2015


V17925 is 1955 square meters and has been transferred to the stepson of Glenn Savy for only SR226,000. Dupouy is the son of a Mauritian woman Glenny Savy is now married to; this guy is a Mauritian who came to Seychelles because Glenny married his mother. It seems he is now Seychellois by naturalisation. This is fine, but how can Dupouy get a prime piece of land  in the Morne National Park, when thousands  of Seychellois have been waiting forever to be allocated a piece of land on which to build their house?

Why was V17925 not put on tender to provide all Seychellois with the same opportunity to purchase this plot of prime property? Why was the sale of V17925 not gazetted? This is favouritism at its worse from President Michel. And who has given planning permission to Glennys stepson to build in the national park? The people want to know.

Christian Lionnet now the Seychelles Minister for land and planning was at the thick of the action. He signed on behalf of the Government to give away Seychellois land to a person who does not deserve it. This transaction is totally underhand done between friends behind closed doors. President Michel is tolerant to these types of corruption; in fact he loves it.