Monday, April 20, 2015


Government policy is that only residential houses can be constructed on land bank properties.

The residents of St Roch Estate, Au Cap, set up a petition a month ago to ask that the construction of flats and villas at Upper St Roch Estate by a contractor be stopped. We wanted to remind government about its policies concerning constructions on land from the land bank. But, to our surprise, two days later the District Administrator came to visit the site and informed the residents present that she can’t do anything as construction had already started. An adviser of the ministry of Land Use and Habitat also visited a few days later. To our surprise, he told us that the owner will continue with the construction and that we should not interfere as the owner can do whatever he wants; even construct a hotel if he wants.

Just to inform the people of Seychelles, the said contractor built up a high rock retaining wall without planning approval and it was only after completion that officers of the Planning Authority came to visit and approve the plan onsite. The residents of the Upper St Roch Estate are very upset with the situation especially with the comments made by the representative of the MLUH. The Indian workers on the site are also using river water for their bath, etc., the same water that the residents use for drinking and for other domestic uses. Note that there isn’t any treated water in this area. The estate’s residents have been calling on government for over ten years to address the water situation in vain.

SOURCE:Letter in Today