Friday, May 15, 2015


The Jj Spirit Foundation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia for technical assistance and support for small and medium industries development for the young entrepreneurs of the foundation. This announcement was made following the visit of an Indonesian delegation to Seychelles.

It is incomprehensible that a government ministry from Indonesia signs an agreement with a supposedly non-governmental organization in Seychelles when the same agreement could have been signed between the government of Seychelles and the government of Indonesia to benefit all young Seychellois rather than the members of the Jj Spirit Foundation only. This is atrocious. The President and his executive Secretary General must be shamed for this act. The patron of the Jj Spirit Foundation, President James Michel and his Secretary General who is the chairperson of the Foundation has shown where their loyalty lies. It is certainly not with the youth of this country unless, of course, one is a member of the Jj Spirit Foundation. “En leker pou tou manm Jj Spirit” is his new motto; “en leker pou tou Seselwa” were never genuine words anyway.

Under the MoU the Jj Spirit Foundation will receive the following benefits:

• Exchange of information about small and medium industry in various fields such as handicraft, fashion, textile, agriculture and fishery;
• Technical assistance and capacity building activities;
• Exchanges and internship of officials and youth between Indonesia and Seychelles;
• Provision of machinery, equipment and tools to expedite the realisation of competitive and quality small and medium industry products;
• Encouraging and facilitating business-to-business cooperation for small and medium industries.

The Jj Spirit Foundation is slowly taking over the role of government agencies. Here it replaces the Ministry of Health
These are all benefits all young Seychellois must have access to and not just a few. Rather than signing the agreement in a government office, the Jj Spirit Foundation headquarters, Espace, was chosen. The reasons are obvious; the assistance under the program will be used to woo young people towards Jj Spirit Foundation which is the organization through which the ruling party recruit new members. Nonmembers will not be able to benefit; the ‘ek nou, pa ek nou’ strategy. We are indeed fortunate Michel hasn’t got enough time left to plant his destructive seed of elitism on Seychellois soil and create a mini government out of his Foundation.