Monday, May 11, 2015


The new political party Lalyans Seselwa comes of age.

Welcome to Lalyans Seselwa. I call on every citizen of the Seychelles to welcome Parti Lalyans Seselwa and other political parties who have recently registered. This is the land of the Free. It is only by individuals exercising their freedoms that our Rights get engraved, never to be lost thus consolidating our democracy.

The more political parties there are the merrier! It is a safe guard for the people.—of course as long as they speak up and take part in elections! Unfortunately most of the 7 parties we now have will NOT be doing so, which really begs the question of their purpose.

The hate and derogatory comments around formation of more opposition parties and on FB these last few weeks has been very disturbing, especially as they mostly came from folks who claim to love freedom; from folks who claim to love democracy. Yet being the land of the free, we must also welcome such hate and derogatory comments as we must also welcome the freedom of the citizens to do what the hell they wish to – as long as these are legal and constitutional.

You have had your first official Press Conference. The people are all attentive to hear you.
Do not let the fact that you have been branded a traitor by 1 person detract you. You know who you are and we the people will make up our own opinion.

I suppose that the real work really starts now   —still warm and freshly baked. Manifestoes and memorandum are easy to download and produce. These, on themselves, have never told the electorate much about a party. You would not have spoken as yet but you would have, by your actions made some very clear statements, which you now definitely need to address if you wish to make any inroad into the political life as a political party and influence the Seychelles political landscape in any way.
Background: You would all be X-SPPF/PL privileged inner circle members who were in general honorably discharged after lengthy period of service or choose to leave because of personality clash (1 case). Meaning that none of you would have left or resigned from or distanced yourselves from your old masters on any matter of principal or policy. Not then and not since have any public statements been made by any of you against the policies and principals your X --SPPF/PL party. You would all have enjoyed your long privileged years, practically a life time, within the despotic government of SPPF/PL….

Yet today you claim to stand as an opposition. Opposed to exactly what? The policies and principals of SPPF/PL , principals and policies that you never ever once, over decades, lifted a finger against or raised a voice against. You give the impression that when you guys were in, all was fine, now that you out all is …..

Or Opposed to the leadership of SPPF/PL?             
Can you please spell out and in no uncertain terms, and as a matter of urgency, exactly what your woes and bone of contention against James Michel and those against the SPPF/Pl are.
The political wind of the Seychelles is today dictated by the CHANGE the people want, (and not by what the political parties are offering). A presidential election process will invariably lead to having an elected president at the end of the process. The CHANGE the people seek includes (even if not exhaustively) having a new president and that too, not one from SPPF/PL. Your sudden presence on the political scene and just before an election and an opposition party leads one to understand that you do not approve the current options the people have,-- to choose one such person as their president from the crop of wanabees presidents that have surfaced thus far.

Please spell out what axe to grind you would have against all these existing opposition political parties (especially the SNP) and what axe to grind you would have against the leaders of these opposition parties (especially Rev. Wavel Ramkalawan) that not only would they, (especially Rev. Wavel) not be up to the task of being a president but you are the better choice.

Can you sell us anything that would make us believe in you? Your presence on the scene tells us you think you do. Well, we are all ears.

So far all is very interesting, but I suppose that you would like to know how you are doing thus far. If I may—not unlike an aggrieved partner in a very cosy relationship gone sour! Travail I la. Your work is cut out for you and is very much an uphill task.

Mon pas ou la parol …

Viral Dhanjee