Friday, May 15, 2015


A local newspaper is reporting news that a human skeleton has been found at Bel Ombre, the paper contacted the District Administration (DA) office and the Beau Vallon Police Station and both denied any knowledge.

As the photo shows the skeleton has been found on the site where a new hotel is under construction at Beau Belle.

The remains have been reburied before the concerned authorities including the police and the Ministry of Health have been informed.

The big question is whose skeleton is it?

 A number of people have disappeared without a trace in the country's recent history, especially during the one-party state era and their whereabouts remain a public interest.

The paper confirmed that at least one family has tried to get a Court order during the day to have the skeleton exhumed so that they can have DNA tests carried out to verify if this is the remains of their loved one.

Apparently more information will follow next week.