Tuesday, October 11, 2016



Linyon Demokratik Seselwa condemns the decision of President James Michel to suspend Judge Durai Karunakaran and to initiate an investigation, through the Constitutional Appointments Authority, into matters which have not been specified relating to his decisions and conduct.

The decision of President Michel, taken at the request of Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey, is an unprecedented and unjustified attempt to subject the Judiciary to the control of the Executive.

LDS considers that the decision is politically motivated and a measure of retaliation because of recent rulings by Judge Karunakaran in controversial cases related to the electoral process which were not in the political interests of President Michel and the Parti Lepep.

Judge Karunakaran has served the country for more than 30 years in an office of great responsibility, as a Judge of the Supreme Court and also as Acting Chief Justice, without any allegation of impropriety or complaint against his professionalism. There is no doubt that the action against him at this time is connected to the recent cases in which he has been involved.

LDS calls on President Michel and all the leadership of Parti Lepep to respect the independence of the Judiciary and refrain from using the power of the Executive and state institutions to further political interests.

Roger Mancienne October 11, 2016

Chairman, Linyon Demokratik Seselwa