Thursday, October 20, 2016


Minister Vincent Meriton’s daughter, Vladislava Vincentovna Meriton has bought land at Glacis; she is busy building. Going by her NIN number, she must have been made a citizen of Seychelles only four years ago. It is without doubt that someone high up the echelon of power has been behind the transfer because two portions of land (Parcels H10904 and H10906) had to be amalgamated into one (H10908) to suit lady Meriton. Minister Meriton, the papa of lady Meriton oversaw the whole transaction as per power of attorney vested in him by his daughter. Some people know how to get things done properly.

Was she ever on any list or as suspected did she bypass the list? Some original natural born Seychellois from the same district have been on the land bank list for over 15 years. These ordinary Seychellois were even told 5 years back that there was no government land available in this district; what a miracle for Lady Meriton.

Amalgamated and sold in the same day

There is a well published land allocation policy of the Parti lepep government of one piece of land per person, or if you have (private) land already you cannot get government land. Was this a stealth attempt to bypass this!

While many Seychellois find it hard to buy land from government even if they have the cash, others manage to do so without much hassle. The 1851 square meters of land has been transferred for a sum well below the market value of land. Is this anomaly enough to request the resignation of Minister Meriton?