Monday, October 31, 2016



Linyon Demokratik Seselwa expresses its disappointment that President Danny Faure has failed to apply cardinal principles of a democratic system in the appointment of top government officials announced yesterday.

In numerous instances, political figures have been named to positions in the public service, in clear violation of the separation of politics from the structure of the public service. These appointments are unfair to people who have chosen a career in the public service as professionals in that politicians are appointed over their heads, thus depriving them of the opportunity of promotion.

This is the case with the appointments of Mr. Patrick Herminie, Mrs. Marie-Louise Potter and Mr. Dick Esparon as Secretary of State, which is a public service position and presented as such in the announcement. Persons who have held this post up to now have been appointed from the public service and it has been regarded as the top of the career ladder for the public service.

Other political figures have been appointed to positions of Principal Secretary straight from politics. These include Mr. Kevin Vidot and Mrs. Jennifer Jasmin who were both members of the National Assembly for Parti Lepep, and Mr. Fabian Palmyre who was a candidate for the party in the last National Assembly elections. The same criticism applies to a former MNA, Ms. Cheryl Vengadasamy appointed as a Special Advisor, also a public service post, in the Police Department.

The proliferation of Special Advisor posts for persons with previous political connections is also a misuse the public service career structure.

These appointments come after President Faure has expressed his commitment to the delinking process which means the separation of the political and state structures, and also to the creation of a Public Service Commission which would regulate career issues such as promotion. What we are seeing is simply politicians being rewarded with posts in the civil service when the need to depart from such practices has been acknowledged and endorsed.

Roger Mancienne October 31, 2016

Chairman, Linyon Demokratik Seselwa