Thursday, March 19, 2015


The refusal of the tourism project has been deferred pending the result of the forthcoming elections; not refused as many have been conned to believe. This is confirmed by insiders that show that the 99 year lease, of many parcels and thousands of acres of the peoples land has not been cancelled. A new project is expected to be submitted by the Emirates Group after the election.

Both the Public relations department and Sir Tim Clark, President of the Emirates group, were contacted and both refused to deny the total termination of the project by keeping completely silent on the matter. In addition there has not been any official press release by the Emirates Group announcing the the termination of the project and there will never be; as another project will be submitted in the future.

The government indicates that it is their policy to only ever sell or lease one plot of land to a person or entity. Christian Lionnet, then the Principal Secretary and never elected by the people leased 17 parcels of almost one quarter of a million square meters of prime land to one company at $365,000 per year; totally robbing the Seychellois people as it is far below fair market price. James Michel will do and say anything to stay in power as all the past corruptions will be exposed; the very reason the people must vote him out.

The palace on the mountain was refused by Planning Authority but was approved by cabinet with the lobbyist being the President. Many other developments have been implemented using the same strategy. It is imminent history will repeat itself; we will be told there was a revision by the developer.

In the face of defeat in the coming elections, the President will try to blow at every feather.

By A.Pierre